Release of eBook: The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization – Ad


The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization

“The first novel idea about the rise of civilization in many decades” / James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy and The Twelfth Insight

“The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization addresses one of crucial issues of our time, on which our future may depend: the relationship between human consciousness and the brain.
The evidence that Carl Johan Calleman explores shows that mind and brain are not identical, as we have been led to believe. Minds are capable of things that brains cannot do. The implication – that we are more than our physical brains and bodies – will likely be regarded as the most important discovery of our era. Let Dr. Calleman be your guide on this exciting journey.” / Larry Dossey, MD and author of “One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters”

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