RT.com: Iran replicates CIA’s RQ-170 Sentinel drone

Photo credit: twitter.com @MohammadZaam
Photo credit: twitter.com @MohammadZaam

Iran has unveiled a reversed engineered copy of the US Lockheed Martin drone called Sentinel RQ-170 that Iran brought down from the sky in 2011. The Iranian drone version is due to take test flights soon, officials said at the IRGC’s Aerospace Exhibition.

The copy was showcased next to the original US drone that was captured in northeastern Iran near the city of Kashmar.

Washington filed a formal request for Iran to return the drone to the US. Iran rejected and demanded an apology for US intelligence operation over its territory.

Iran claims it used its radio electronic warfare skills and vulnerabilities in the Sentinel’s GPS receiver to trick it into landing on Iranian territory instead of the designated US military base.

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