Dr Rath: “the Cartel is afraid of us, the people, waking up…”

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publicerad 6 juni 2014
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Dr Rath

A recent report in the New York Times describes how the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA) is harvesting huge numbers of images of people from communications it intercepts through its global surveillance operations. According to top-secret documents obtained from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, millions of images per day are being taken and used by the agency in sophisticated facial recognition programs. 

Clearly, therefore, and as Dr. Rath points out in this week’s video-of-the-week, the louder the stakeholders of the Oil and Drug Cartel in politics and the media bombard us with the words ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, the more aggressively they are already working behind the scenes on eliminating our democratic rights and establishing a global corporate dictatorship to enslave us for generations to come. Far from being truthful about their goals, they are lying to us that in order to fight terrorism they need to read our emails, listen to our phone conversations and track every movement we make.

Ultimately, the only reason for this unlimited data collection is that the Cartel is afraid of us, the people, waking up and terminating its dictatorial rule over us.

In this respect it is highly significant that today’s global spying operation is being largely orchestrated by the governments of those few nations that between them control two-thirds of the exports of chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and other Cartel merchandise; namely the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany.

In sharp contrast to this state of affairs, in our Movement of Life project we are working towards the creation of a better world in which the interests of the people are placed before those of multinational corporations and their stakeholders in politics and the media. If you share our belief in the crucial importance of the rights to health, life and natural food, please sign the Call for a Movement of Life and consider contacting us to get involved in the campaign as one of our volunteer national coordinators.

Text: The Dr. Rath Health Foundation | 5 June, 2014

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