The CDC vaccine scandal – A Vaccine Whistleblower Problem

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publicerad 25 augusti 2014
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William Thompson - CDC whistleblower

Craig WeilerI’m not part of the vaccine debate about whether they cause autism.  I don’t have kids and frankly, I really don’t care.  But it is one of those controversies that piques my interest because the basic structure of the controversy is so similar to others that I have covered.  It is an area shrouded in misinformation, beliefs and confusion because it isn’t immediately clear what source of information can be trusted.  There is an establishment side that relies on one set of facts and controversial side that relies on another.

Text: Craig Weiler

The debate heated up very recently because apparently there is a whistleblower at the Center for Disease Control.  He had been operating anonymously, but he’s been recently outed and immediately fired.  This is the man in question per this blog.

Celia Farber is covering this story as it develops on her blog.

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