Cyprus Ministry of Education approves books by Dr Rath and Dr Niedzwiecki

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publicerad 25 september 2014
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Dr RathIn a significant step forward for our “Health for All” campaign, we are pleased to report that “Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks [2]” and “Victory Over Cancer [3]” have both been approved by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus for inclusion in its official catalogues of suggested books for use by school libraries, teachers and students.

Press release extract | Source: Dr. Rath Health Foundation

In another positive development we report on this week, a new University of Melbourne and University of Queensland study will help people suffering from clinical depression by offering them a combination of micronutrients that, individually, have each been shown to enhance mood.

While clinical evidence already supports the use of various micronutrients as antidepressant agents, studies to date in this area have generally only assessed isolated nutrients rather than combinations.

As this week’s newsletter illustrates, whilst there remains much to be concerned about and a great deal still to be done, in many respects the
world is changing and gradually moving in our direction. With positive studies on natural health [9] now being published on a weekly basis and a growing awareness of the dangers of pharmaceuticals [10], a new healthcare system – based upon scientific breakthroughs [11] in the areas of vitamin research and cellular health – is already possible.


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