How Extreme Levels of Roundup in Food Became Industry Norm


    CROPSPRAYING-SOUTHAFRICA-PHOTO-THOMAS-BOHNFood and feed quality are crucial to human and animal health. Quality can be defined as sufficiency of appropriate minerals, vitamins and fats, etc. but it also includes the absence of toxins, whether man-made or from other sources.

    Surprisingly, almost no data exist in the scientific literature on herbicide residues in herbicide tolerant genetically modified (GM) plants, even after nearly 20 years on the market.

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    Text: Thomas Bøhn and Marek Cuhra | Photo: Thomas Bøhn

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    Kent B.
    11 oktober 2014 kl 19:01

    Här i England som jag bor ser jag mycket sällan åkrar bli plöjda numera. Istället så sprutar man ett fält så att alla växter dör för att efter ett tag bara harva och så nästa gröda. Sparar en massa diesel antar jag, men lämnar säkert em massa gifter i marken som sedan grödorna tar upp och vidarebefodrar till dem som äter dem.

    11 oktober 2014 kl 16:03

    It stops itself – genocide.

    Jo Rohde
    2 oktober 2014 kl 12:36

    This seems to fit into a pattern of secrecy also described here in Washington Post in 2010 :
    It seems more important for industry to safeguard sales than to safeguard health, and that with the help of the government !
    The nurse mentioned here got seriously ill but could not find out which ingredients affected her : Weatherford provided safety information, including hazards, for the chemical,
    known as ZetaFlow. But because ZetaFlow has confidential status, the information
    did not include all of its ingredients….. the company made public all the
    information legally required
    – this means hiding the touchy parts is legally correct – incredible but true !!

    When even the EU cannot put enough pressure on manufacturers, when almost all politicians speak for GMO, who is to stop this ???