Five reasons why Roundup should be banned forever


    roundupNATURAL NEWS. The science is irrefutable on this simple fact: Roundup weedkiller, manufactured by Monsanto, is a deadly chemical poison that persists on — and in — the food crops consumed by millions of people. And the many consequences of Roundup’s continued use in commercial agriculture are reason enough, at least to any rationally minded individual, to ban the toxic chemical cocktail forever for the sake of the environment and humanity.

    Text: Jonathan Benson, staff writer, Natural News

    Five reasons why Roundup should be banned forever

    1. Roundup Ready crops absorb glyphosate
    2. Exposure to Roundup doubles risk of lymphoma
    3. Roundup so heavily used that it’s being found in air, rainwater
    4. Roundup is killing butterflies and other pollinators
    5. Roundup doesn’t even work as claimed

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    23 november 2014 kl 13:31

    Detta är tydligen original-artikeln, rätta gärna om det finns de som har andra källor.

    23 november 2014 kl 10:52

    Kopplingen mellan round-up och gluten-intolerans.

    Lite OT men relevant för ämnet.