Pål Bergström: “A warning of fascism to the American people”

publicerad 23 november 2014
- Pål Bergström
Pål Bergström

Pål BergströmAre you as a citizen of The United States of America aware of how similar to 1930s Germany you are? As things are it doesn’t take much to completely close down your society.

Your country is already in the gray area, on the verge of becoming a totalitarian police state. You just don’t realize it.

A study by Prof Martin Gilens at Princeton University and Prof Benjamin I Page at Northwestern University has shown that your country is an oligarchy not a democracy.

Political scientist Michael J. Glennon at Tufts University says that the people you elect aren’t the ones calling the shots. You can vote how much you want the secret government won’t change.

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  • Unfortunately, Sweden and a whole bunch of other countries are not far behind. This letter needs to be addressed to citizens of Sweden and pretty much the rest of the west as well…

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