RT.com: 14 most-underreported news stories of 2014

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publicerad 30 december 2014
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Obama Nobels fredsprisSeven countries bombed in six years, net neutrality remains up in the air, the death of a TV reporter in Turkey, and the unsolved tragedy of the Odessa massacre: just a few of RT’s top 14 underreported stories to slip through the MSM cracks in 2014.

  • The death of Thomas Young (Iraq War veteran)
  • The Odessa massacre (Ukraine)
  • Obama bombs 7th country in 6 years (a Nobel Peace Prize winner)
  • Hammond (hacker), Anonymous and the FBI
  • What is TTIP again?
  • Third time’s a charm for Million Mask March (protests in 481 cities across the globe)
  • The Wiki-Leaks keep on coming, while Assange marks 4 years without freedom (Assange afraid of Sweden)
  • The future of net neutrality
  • Pirate Bay walks plank (Swedish guy Gottfrid Svartholm Warg)
  • Mysterious death of Serena Shim (Lebanese-American Press TV reporter)
  • Monsanto beats back GMO labeling
  • Fracking fears
  • Anti-Austerity protests hit UK
  • ’F**k the EU’ & more Ukraine tape leaks

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