Pseudoscience: What pushes scientists to lie? A disturbing story about scientific cheating

publicerad 18 februari 2015
- av NewsVoice

Haruko Obokata The GuardianThe Guardian. The spectacular fall of the Japanese scientist who claimed to have triggered stem cell abilities in regular body cells is not uncommon in the scientific community. The culprit: carelessness and hubris in the drive to make a historic discovery.

The year 2014 was one of extremes for [name]. A year of high highs and even lower lows. Barely 30 years old, she was head of her own laboratory at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) in Kobe, Japan, and was taking the male-dominated world of stem cell research by storm. She was hailed as a bright new star in the scientific firmament and a national hero. But her glory was short-lived and her fall from grace spectacular, completed in several humiliating stages.

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PS "Why Do Scientists Cheat? - Well, for starters, it's actually pretty easy to."