Snowden, Greenwald address students: ‘Human life is about taking risks’

publicerad 3 februari 2015
- av NewsVoice
Glen Greenwald 10 okt 2014 TED

Snowden-Greenwald-2feb2015In the nerd equivalent of getting a supermodel to take you to prom, a Toronto high school student convinced whistleblower-in-exile Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald to address his high school’s World Affairs Conference on Monday.

“WASHINGTON, February 2nd (Sputnik) — The keynote speech and moderated discussion on “Privacy vs. Security: A Discussion of Personal Privacy in the Digital Age” was the first time Snowden addressed a high school-aged audience.

The group of over 1000 students heard the whistleblower and the journalist talk via livestream on topics ranging from the changes in intelligence gathering and the importance of online privacy to whether leaking secret information is a crime or a defense of democracy.”

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