How dangerous is Tokyo today? – “Fukushima Untold Stories” by Toru Bové


So how dangerous is Tokyo today? It’s one tough question to answer. As a father of three children and being a motorcycle racer who is required to be fit, I will never ever go back to Tokyo even if I keep my family in Sweden and travel alone.

By Toru Bové (all articles) | Toru’s Facebook profile

If you are responsible and want to be healthy enough to look after your family for a long time, Tokyo is one of the last places on Earth to visit. You may be able to bring water and food from home, but you can’t bring enough clean air with you.

If you smoke, drink, eat badly and don’t care about your future health five years from now, I don’t have any motive to tell you to not to go. But, if you are young and have a good chance to have your own children in the future or if you already have some small ones, don’t ever think about going to Tokyo.

Fukushima - Source : Japanese governmentMap: Japanese government

Tokyo soil samples would be considered nuclear waste in the US

Popular whistleblower, Mr. Arnold Gundersen collected five soil samples in Tokyo, when he visited Japan the first time after Fukushima. He commissioned a lab to analyze the samples. The results were shocking. All of them were qualified as radioactive waste in US standards. Still today, people in Tokyo are living and walking on contaminations at the same level as radioactive waste.

In Sweden – by the way – some Swedish people think that radioactive waste would be safe if buried deep underground for 100,000 years, but I totally oppose this idea.


X-ray images “witnesses” to Fukushima nuclear accident

Within the 300 km zone, a number of hospital reported that they had black dots and shadows on x-ray images. Later a x-ray equipment company explained that those were caused by radioactive particles from Fukushima.

Please think about it.

X-ray equipment is located inside of hospital buildings. As it’s nature, it is kept in isolated rooms for safety reason. Nevertheless radioactive gas and particles released by Fukushima were able to reach x-ray equipment and films. [Ref: local doctor and Fuji Film announcement]

There are a number of doctors and nurses who had dedicated their work to help people within the Tokyo zone who now leave Tokyo to move to the south. They are the people who witnessed reality and they say they stayed too long in the danger zone. [Ref: Tokyo Contaminated And Not Fit For Habitation, Doctor Says]


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50 million people had their homeland contaminated badly one way or other. The rest of the nation, 70 million people, are subject to mainstream media repeating: “eat as usual and support Fukushima”. In reality they have no idea how safe, or dangerous, foods they buy and eat are.

Japan lifted food safety guidelines for radioactive contamination. The food industry, including farming and fishing, have been trying their best they can to “clear” this new guideline; 100 bq/kg though that is still much lower than the EU limit which is another controversy. There are many loopholes and wrong doings they use to keep selling their products. Whatever people say, here are the undeniable facts with Fukushima.

Still today, the world don’t have the technology to take out melted fuel from the power plant near Fukushima. There is a story about the time required to clean up Fukushima. It says, 200 years. In 2013, Japan government stated that Fukushima can be shut down in 40 years, and we thought it was a joke. Now, 200 years and nobody in the world don’t even know where three melted-down-fuels are.

In February 2015, the Japan prime minister Abe welcomed Prince William of England on a special dinner course full of Fukushima food. We just shook our heads.

The nightmare continues…

By Toru Bové


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Torbjörn Sassersson red.
29 maj 2016 kl 22:28

Over 13,400 views of this article today.

/ Torbjorn Sassersson, Editor, NewsVoice

Anti nuclear
Anti nuclear
27 maj 2016 kl 20:29

Please compose the untold story in French Polynesia Mururoa Atoll, classfied information that make the Tahitians as a fool.

22 februari 2016 kl 22:02

Turo Bove,

I am pretty proud of this one, connecting the dots on what are the animals and plants hardest hit lately, and what they have in common, a special organic structure called chitin, which is very durable and very few things can break its bonds.

Interestingly, chitin is also a sponge for radiation and heavy metals.

So in fact, this is the smoking gun, the scientific proof that links radiation and the mass die-offs we have been seeing. Feel free to use, with full attribution and working hyperlink back to my page.

22 februari 2016 kl 07:22

I think nukes would send off a particular seismic signature that Japan would easily differentiate from an actual quake. Japan would have to be in on the scheme if the nuke was real. Would make for a good movie plot

Rob Schneider
21 februari 2016 kl 19:35

If I may add some thoughts to this, seems obvious to me that Jim Stone, right or not concerning his theories, the earthquake and its aftermath were a disaster on their own. The mistakes were made a generation ago by the generation preceeding it as financiers and policy-makers of their time. They set the tone for the next generation. There is absolutely no reason, in my mind, to waste time and resources on such things. It simply does not address what is at hand, which is the gross contamination and the threat to what I consider a valuable world culture. Jim Stone is another of the many who have motives beyond the task at hand, just as most Japanese politicians. While I respect Stone’s cause, and in some cases his information, if you are a citizen living in an area that suddenly has its water polluted to hazard, first order of business is to secure good water, not search for someone to hang for the pollution. Personally, I’m very disappointed in the Japanese people at this point. They have allowed themselves to be distracted politically by individual characters in a manner that is unbecoming of the overall situation. My disappointment spans more than Japan, to those who have felt so personally distant from reality they may as well live on another planet. Mine is obviously contaminated, and we’re busy worrying over economics, Japan and others to pander to thier gangster-like business, scientific, and political communities that failed them, or worse yet, silly human pride which NO culture has ignored in culturally discrete ethical stories millenia old… We humans in general are wasting again such nuclear disasters to our detriment. Nuclear dreams of this order will never keep up with the magnitude of their effects. So much more is lost than simply equipment and capital. We’ve already modernly proven with Hiroshima and Nagasaki that concentration of our learning can have very destructive consequence, yet now have those concentrations well above the number of original machines in mining waste, weapons stockpiles, and spent fuel pools. Japan, with total lack of conscience, is even exporting the mistakes elsewhere to areas and cultures that are hardly prepared for such an event. (One does ask, who is prepared for such but a sociopath?) Technology, and it appears unfortunately, its human element as scientific thought, needs to find again its essential root in philosophy and its… Read more »

Peter Grafström
Peter Grafström
6 april 2015 kl 02:06

To summarize from the cited article about Tokyo in 2014 it says soil samples show at least about a 1000-fold increase in radiation. About 3 times less in the west than in the east.
Official safe dose was raised 20 times (from 0,11 to 2,3 uSv/h) This may be the effective increase of radiation level . It seems to agree approximately with the map above from 2012.
There is nothing about how this changes in time.
Further it is mentioned that the technology for picking up molten fuel elements from a reactor are inadequate. I interpret this to mean that they are not removing the sources of this contamination. Nice.

Kalle 01
Kalle 01
Reply to  Peter Grafström
7 april 2015 kl 14:04

Also from the cited article:

1) To handle the situation, the Japanese government has raised the “safe” limit for nuclear radiation from 1 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year (i.e. a 20 fold increase).

2) The Fukushima radioactivity is now effectively being spread out, and as a result more people are being exposed to it, as the nuclear waste from the Fukushima zone is transported all over Japan for incineration or burial.

3) The Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Medical University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan have signed agreements with IAEA which in effect have handed over the management of the post-accident situation at Fukushima to the nuclear lobby.

Hög häst
5 april 2015 kl 14:00

“Last year I confronted the former Japanese Finance Minister over control of the Japanese Finance System to a group of American and European Oligarchs. He and his envoy told me that because Japan has been threatened by an earthquake machine.”

Toru Bové
Toru Bové
5 april 2015 kl 13:34


I haven’t followed much with Jim Stone and his articles but there are some people in Japan following his claims. I’m aware of that.

To be honest, I consciously keep myself away from “conspiracy theories” even though I am not against everything they claim.

I personally see the earthquake as a natural disaster and Fukushima is manmade disaster. And, at moment, I don’t buy the scenario of “earthquake triggered by nuclear weapon blast by…”. I let this issue to other people.

My focus is how people, including ourselves, made this happen and how “we” responded to it. Biggest problem with nuclear disaster is that so little information and knowledge we have. There are many stories which never had spotlights. And I believe these stories would change many people’s perception on nuclear issue. My role is a story teller.

I often think like this. “The world would be much easier place if it’s like one which conspiracy theorists claim”.

My prior experience with Greenpeace taught to me a lot.
Behind global issues, there are many who think they are doing their jobs right but they are actually the drivers making the world tough place. And in many cases, we are often one of them.

It’s too easy to point “them” as all of evil, but we are a part of community of 7 billion people and we are the drivers, sometime creators of problems. I hope you’ll pick this up from series of my future articles.

Having say that, I will read this pdf carefully, and will try to learn something new.
But again, I will place myself away from “earthquake weapon” thing.

There has been a long battle between people and nuclear industry. One of tactics nuclear industry uses is discrediting voices by labeling as conspiracy theorists. We shouldn’t jump into the trap by ourselves.

Positive thing is that there are many real “conspiracy” existing in nuclear industry, governments and various organizations and we can expose them without bringing out “conspiracy theories”.

Reply to  Toru Bové
5 april 2015 kl 15:50

Thanks for your kind answer. I respect your standing and look fore ward to reading your stories. Thanks for sharing. The trick is to avoid fake conspiracy theories, 100% avoidance might be impossible but training does increase the sensibility of the bullshit detector. As far as I know none has been able to debunk the report in question. However, since I have declared that nuclear bombs are probably fake and do not work, I have to admit that there could be an extended explanation for the Tsunami and as well for the Fuku reactor explosion than the one that Jim Stone suggest.

5 april 2015 kl 10:02

Dear Toru Bové
Freelance journalist Jim Stone has compiled a comprehensive report on the Fukushima disaster. It´s pretty explosive, have been supressed and points a finger to the perpetrators. I am sure you find this report very interesting, and if you haven’t read it please do so. The report deals mostly with the causes of the disaster, more so than the long term effects that seem to occupy most of your concern.
It can be found here:
Mr Arnold Gunderson is not one of his favourites though. The main issues are the magnitude of the earthquake where photographic evidence in the report expose that problem, the tsunami wave therefore seems not natural, and Stuxnet, the computer virus, seems involved, and the physics of the explosions of the reactors are discussed at length with alternative explanations to the hydrogen theory given.

Reply to  Rascasse
5 april 2015 kl 11:09
Peter Grafström
Peter Grafström
Reply to  Rascasse
6 april 2015 kl 00:56

Part of Jim Stones conspiracy theory is that there was a nuke causing a quake of magnitude 7,8 which caused the tsunami. This contrasts with official info about a much stronger quake, magnitude over 9,much further away from Fukushima.Stone claimed the japaneze first reported the lower value and then changed it to the high one.

Those cases may be separated through comparison with reliable data from a wide variety of seismic observatories. I actually began writing to such institutions last year but gave up early without having reached anybody.
I read an article about japaneze authorities having found something slippery seemingly lubricating the continental plates involved.
My gutfeeling told me there would probably be alot of disinfo regarding the Fukushima incident and I decided to quit searching.
For those who dont allow themselves to be hampered by a similar gut-feeling it makes sense to enquire about the seismic data.