CNN: 2 babies die, 29 hospitalized after vaccinations in Mexico


vaccin nej tackCNN. Mexican health officials are investigating after two babies died and 29 children were hospitalized from suspected adverse reactions to shots from the country’s national vaccination program.


“Six of the children hospitalized in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas remain in serious condition, the Mexican Social Security Institute said on Sunday. The parents of the two infants who died were so outraged at the government that they refused to let authorities perform autopsies, CNN Mexico reported.”

“The illnesses were reported after 52 children from the rural mining community of La Pimienta were given vaccines Friday for tuberculosis, rotavirus and Hepatitis B, the institute said. Later that night, 31 of the children “presented adverse reactions presumably associated with the application of these vaccines,” officials said. Two of the children later died.”

InforWars comments:

“The package inserts of several Hepatitis vaccines mention “seizures” and “encephalitis” (brain inflammation) as potential side effects, however Mexican officials have not commented on the exact vaccine or manufacturer.”

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12 maj 2015 kl 14:11

Well, if you’re stupid enough to do it…

12 maj 2015 kl 13:39

Jag skulle dela den här länken och bilden bredvid texten på fb var det du efterlyste häromdan’. Varning för den här sidan.
Försökte dela den igen via Norton Safe Search men samma sak hände.