German ministers call for EU-wide ban on Monsanto’s deadly glyphosate herbicide

publicerad 27 maj 2015
- av [email protected]
Förbud mot glyfosat. Foto: Zefe Wu Licens: Pixabay

Monsanto may be expanding its operations in the United States, but elsewhere, lawmakers, scientists, activists and ordinary citizens are increasingly questioning (and in many cases banning) the introduction of GM crops, along with the use of the glyphosate herbicide (Monsanto's Roundup).

By Daniel Barker, NaturalNews

"State consumer protection ministers in Germany are advocating an EU-wide ban on glyphosate herbicides [glyfosat] in response to the World Health Organization's (WHO) categorization of the chemical as "probably carcinogenic."

On May 8, the German state ministers introduced a resolution calling for "the supply to and use by private persons to be banned for precautionary reasons." The resolution also recommends prohibiting use of the herbicide near consumers."

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