How Monsanto stops GMO labeling through deception

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publicerad 23 maj 2015
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Monsanto demonstration

INFOWARS. From the New York Times to Reuters and the Washington Post, all of the major publications agree: the general public is in full support of GMO labeling initiatives.

By Anthony Gucciardi – May 22, 2015

“Quite simply, they want to know what they’re giving to both themselves and their family. Time and time again, we see poll results demonstrating that more than 90% of the US population is in favor of GMO labeling. Yet time and time again, we see GMO labeling initiatives shot down across the country.

Are all of the major polling organizations in the country simply using incorrect statistical algorithms? Obviously, the answer instead lies in the dirty tricks (and even the mainstream media is now calling them out as such) used by mega biotech companies like Monsanto. In tandem with corporate food producers, these tricks are used to shove disinformation into the minds of voters who otherwise would fully support the concept of GMO labeling.”

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