Baron David de Rothschild’s Bank Fined Over U.S. Tax Dodging

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publicerad 27 juni 2015
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Baron David de Rothschild - Photo: Michael Thaidigsmann - Wikimedia CommonsRothschild Bank AG, the Zurich-based private bank of the Rothschild financial dynasty, became the latest Swiss bank to be fined by the U.S. Justice Department for fraud by concealing assets offshore, Bloomberg writes.

Baron David de Rothschild – Photo: Michael Thaidigsmann – Wikimedia Commons

Baron David de Rothschild and Paris Orleans were fined 11.5 million US dollars. Rothschild and Banca Credinvest among seven other Swiss firms settled with the U.S. in exchange for revealing how they used shell companies and banking secrecy to conceal undeclared assets.

“More and more information is flowing to the IRS agents and Justice Department prosecutors going after illegally concealed offshore accounts and the financial professionals who help U.S. taxpayers hide assets abroad,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Caroline Ciraolo of the Justice Department’s Tax Division said in the statement.

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