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publicerad 12 juni 2015
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Peter Joseph:

As some may know I have been developing the first of the long anticipated “InterReflections” Trilogy for over 4 years now.

Sadly, both time and budget issues have kept this film at bay. As bothersome as it is, I am reaching out to my supporters to help push this project along. This film has sought no major studio backers and to preserve the artistic and social integrity of the work, I have refused any offers that seek to interfere… or appear to only be about profit.

Here is the deal: The core budget problem I face is the professional CGI work. While many have volunteered to help to some degree or another, the nature of the need requires a professional, full time CGI studio. This campaign is to help finance it.

While the film will eventually be put online for free viewing, it will be professionally released in stages to assure maximum exposure and to recover the core budget to fund the next of the Trilogy. This traditional release path includes Theatrical, Cable, VOD and then Vimeo/Youtube.

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