MH17 likely downed by old BUK-M1 missile system not used by Russia – manufacturer

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publicerad 3 juni 2015
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Flight MH17 bullet holes The BUK missile manufacturer has conducted its own probe into the MH17 tragedy. Based on Dutch evidence, its experts believe they have determined the type and trajectory of the missile, which may have led to downing of a Boeing-777 over Ukraine last July.

Damaging elements come from outdated BUK-M1 missile

“After analyzing the nature of damage dealt to the aircraft, manufacturer Almaz-Antey came to the conclusion it could only have been caused by one of the missiles from BUK’s older line of defense systems, namely the BUK-M1. The missiles in question are widely deployed by a number of post-Soviet states, including Ukraine, but have been replaced by a newer make in Russia.”

BUK-M1 missiles not used by Russian army for years

“Production of BUK-M1 missiles was discontinued in 1999, at the same time Russia passed all such missiles that were left to international clients,” the company said, adding that this missile type has not been supplied to the Russian Armed Forces since 1995, and none are currently deployed by Russia’s military.


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