Holistic Doctors have been killed or have vanished lately – Investigations

publicerad 28 juli 2015
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Mike Adams

"It's now abundantly obvious that a full-scale war has been declared against medical progress and the pioneering doctors who are trying to save lives", Mike Adams writes for Natural News.

Mike Adams

Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found shot to death and floating in a river, U.S. government agents raided his facility to seize a substance called "GcMAF".

That substance, it turns out, is a pioneering treatment for both autism and cancer. It has an astonishing success rate (over 80% in some trials) and works by activating the body's own immune system to destroy tumors of all kinds.

It's legal in Japan but the FDA considers it a criminal substance and they're trying to destroy all knowledge of this extraordinary substance before the U.S. public finds out how easily and inexpensively cancer can be treated!

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An update on the GcMAF and nagalase story

What is GcMAF?

GcMAF for the treatment of cancer, autism, inflammation, viral and bacterial disease

Why are the holistic doctors being killed?