Swedish Analyst – The Smear Campaign against Putin and the true US Agenda – Part 2

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publicerad 9 september 2015
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Ingemar WärnströmThe American agenda for its international cooperation is well described by economist John Perkins, who worked for the CIA, in his book ”Confessions of an Economic Hitman”. He tells about his task to ”persuade” the presidents of developing countries to allow US companies to buy their natural resources for a pittance.

By Ingemar Wärnström | Also read Part 1

The economic hitman organizes huge loans from the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund; loans, big enough to make sure that the countries can’t pay them back.

The money goes directly to American companies to build, for example airfields, dams, highways, power plants or other projects of some benefit to the rich part of the population, but never to the poor. When the countries then can’t manage the mortgage, it’s time for the hitman to reenter and explain that they instead can take care of the country’s natural resources, at a well discounted price.

When there is a newly elected president, he is approached by a hitman who offers to make him extremely wealthy, if he just follows the instructions. If he instead chooses to carry out his election promises a fatal accident is arranged for him by some “jackal”, a specialist in organizing murders; it could be a car accident or a crashed presidential plane.

CIA has been the tool preparing the exchange of presidents into US-friendly (bribe-taking) ones. Its funding has partly come from the world’s drug trafficking, which many insiders have revealed is organized by the CIA. (13)

??This is how US foreign policy has been pursued for at least 50 years. The assassination of Chile’s elected president Allende and the appointment of Pinochet’s cruel dictatorship was planned by Henry Kissinger, says Perkins. Kissinger was also the architect of the war in Cambodia, where US bombed poor farmers in a country with which they were not even at war. Kissinger who has millions of deaths and ruined lives on his conscience should be in prison, but his reputation in the western world is instead rather much on top.

John F. Kennedy | Photo: public domain

John F. Kennedy was aware of the activity of evil. In a speech to US journalists in 1961, he said:

”We stand face to face, across the world, with a massive and ruthless conspiracy which; with the support of secrecy, is expanding its influence. . . They have seized immense human and material resources to build a cohesive, highly effective machinery including military, diplomatic, spying, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Kennedy’s private notes showed that he intended to close down the CIA. He was assassinated in 1963 and today it is proven beyond any doubt that the official explanation of the murder is fake (14).

A morbid fear among the US military and the political elite has led to creation of more than 800 military bases all over the world. They know that their military superiority is a must for their own survival when humanity wakes up. Russia has two military bases, one in Tajikistan and one in Kyrgyzstan both former Soviet states.?The US has since 1950 been bombing 30 countries and replaced elected presidents in about 50! Russia has not bombed any country or taken down any country’s president.

?Control of Media?

A handful of Western media groups control how world events are reported to the public. Recently, the German journalist and previous editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte published his book ”Bought Journalists” where he admits that he was a front man for the CIA [watch interview].

Udo Ulfkotte - Foto: RT.com”It went so far that I put my name under articles written by CIA agents,” he reveals in the book, which has become a bestseller in Germany. ”But when I noticed that the US was preparing a war against Russia, it became too much for me.”

?He also says that there are no significant journalists in Europe who aren’t paid by the CIA. ?Today, when NATO puts its nuclear missiles along the entire Russian-European border – contrary to Reagan’s promise to Gorbachiew not to move NATO closer to their boarder – the western mainstream media manage to make this clear provocation towards Russia look like Russian aggression! That’s how big mass media’s power of delusion is!

?A coup in which the United States intends to intervene militarily is always preceded by a smear campaign of the head of the country by the media. If this is thoroughly done and goes on long enough invasion will be only mildly criticized and the whole procedure can then continue with next country in turn.

??Iraqi president Saddam Hussein refused to sell its oil at a bargain price, and the Iraq war followed. Gaddafi in Libya would rather sell his country’s oil in gold dinars, which he was about to introduce to be a common currency for all of Africa, than in the US petrodollar. Under no circumstances the US could allow this to happen.

Gaddafi, who had built up Libya to Africa’s best functioning country with free housing, free schools and free healthcare, was loved by the majority of his people, but US decided that he must go. Therefore media told the world that he was a terrible tyrant to his people. And the result was as Hillary Clinton so poetically expressed it with a laugh:

”We came, we saw, he died.”

Today, Libya is a country in chaos and ruins, the accomplishment of NATO!

??Assad in Syria, a UK-trained ophthalmologist also has large popular support with 88.7% of the votes in an election in 2014 where observers from 30 countries were present. But we are told that also he is a threat to the United States. They claim that he is the root of all evil and must be replaced. Hard efforts are done right now, with the help of Washington’s proxy army ISIS, funded by Saudi Arabia, Israel, England, and trained and equipped by the United States. Note that the main enemy of all Muslim countries Israel is not a target for ISIS! (10)

After heavy media bullying of the head of a state in order to get the public’s ”okay” the military invades the country, kills a large part of the civilian population (the Iraq war brought one million dead and 4 million refugees), appoints a puppet for leader and steals the country’s natural resources, all while the western populations believe there is some kind of motivated police operation going on.

Isn’t it remarkable that a country whose leadership has only power, money, and control in mind, and who has lied to the world many times before (e.g. to start the Vietnam War when McNamara lied that one of the US ships had been attacked, to invade Iraq where Saddam Hussein allegedly had weapons of mass destruction, and amazingly enough, even when using the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (12)), may continue time after time for decades and centuries with the same tactics, but the population of the Western world are unable to see the real deception.

Vladimir Putin in 2008 - Photo: Russavia, Kremlin.ru
Vladimir Putin in 2008 – Photo: Russavia, Kremlin.ru, Wikimedia Commons

?Putin’s Russia

Now it is Putin and the threat of a strong and well-functioning Russia they want to destroy. While the people of Russia know that Putin is doing an excellent job for them and their country, the Swedish people believe they know he is a tyrant who must go, because that is what all newspapers, radio and TV has told the Swede’s for all of the 15 years he has been in power. But the more Putin is bullied, the stronger the Russians closes up behind him, and together with China, Russia can hardly be defeated militarily.

The question is whether this detail can stop a war that the US prepared for many years and which they probably intend to develop into a third world war. The US must bring about a major war to save their dollar currency. The US dollar has for many years been printed at a rate that should have caused super-inflation. Its value is now being artificially kept up by manipulation of the gold and silver prices. (9) The gold standard preventing this was removed in 1971.

It is difficult to distinguish any aggression from Putin’s side if we disregard the Western media propaganda. At a convention speech in Moscow, he deviated from the topic of politics and shared his views on the meaning of life;

”The only meaning of life and existence is love. Love of the family, the children, and love to one’s fatherland. This is a versatile phenomenon, which is the basis for all of our behavior.”

Isn’t that a statement we would like to hear from all politicians in the world?

Today there is the possibility thanks to the internet to listen to Putin’s all speeches in English translation (11) and see the documentary about his 15 years as Russia’s leader (7). The video shows an integrated person with great transparency in political matters, a politician with ethical ideals and care for society’s vulnerable people, something that hardly can be faked for many years.

Thanks to the internet and a growing number of alternative media people are now starting to wake up to the realization of who is running the world. The power elite’s time is over for good when large enough number of people wake up because no conscious human being wants a world ruled by dark powers capable of lying, raping, killing and torturing.

The elites are fully aware of that fact and have a pathological need to fully control each individual in the world. It’s all about preventing any form of opposition to their planned global dictatorship from appearing anywhere. That’s why they are saving all our phone calls and emails.

In the ongoing battle between darkness and light, communism long played the role of darkness. Today the power elite tries to impose that role on Putin. The daily lies about him in the world press is important for those preparing a war against Russia.

That’s why Putin is bullied! He must be manipulated out of power, even if war is necessary for that.

The struggle between good and evil has been going on for thousands of years, with the destructive black power in charge in society. This is a power that constantly has done its best to make life difficult for us and lead us astray, because that’s their task.

Therefore, most of what we’ve been taught by our schools and universities is wrong. We have a flawed world-view and based on that the basis for our science is also flawed. The world is not made up of material particles, but of consciousness energy and much science will in the near future have to be rectified and go through a necessary metamorphosis.

?It is time for humanity to wake up now. There is a vastly better world within reach, when we no longer vote for psychopaths to decide over our lives. We must learn to understand how the black power operates and identify and exclude those who have sold their soul and work for the dark to create chaos and war and withhold from us correct knowledge of life. Then we can without much difficulty take all power away from them.

By Ingemar Wärnström | Also read Part 1

?Ingemar Wärnström jumped off from the industry in the seventies and has devoted his time to try to contribute to a better world. He organized the first Swedish seminar on free energy in 1994, formed CANHELP, Council for the Advancement of a New Human Ethic Life Paradigm in 1996 and started UGWB, University for Global Well-Being in 1998, an attempt to establish a more correct world view instead of the materialistic one based on false assumptions which he means has brought us the dysfunctional world we have today. His book SLOWLY WE WAKE UP, and Realize who is Running our World, will be available in English in the fall of 2015.


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