Gerald Celente: Face the facts about terrorism or face World War III

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publicerad 23 november 2015
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Gerald Celente, TrendsJournal

Gerald-Celente-TrendsJournal?Following 9/11, the explanations for terror strikes on the World Trade Center and Pentagon had nothing to do with America?s Middle East policy. No, ?America was targeted for attack? because we we?re the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity,? declared President George W. Bush. It was the work, he asserted, of ?enemies of freedom.?

This Trend Alert from 18:th Nov was republished with permission by Gerald Celente, author of The Trends Journal

Now, following the deadly strikes in Paris, the narrative is similar. It had nothing to do with France?s foreign policy, according to Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. He said the strikes were against French values and French way of life: ?What they do not accept is, it is not our actions ? it is what we are? and they ?don?t accept the fact that we dance.?

However, a witness featured on BEM television heard one terrorist shout:

”What you are doing in Syria, you are going to pay for it now.?”

Was the attacker referencing the financial and military support of Sunni Islamist militias by France, the US and Arab League to overthrow the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad that has resulted in the death of over 250,000 Syrians, displaced half its population and caused 4 million refugees to flee the bloodshed? Or, was it because they ?don?t accept the fact that we dance??

For years, France, the US and its coalition have vociferously demanded that Assad ? the ruler of a sovereign country that poses no military threat to any nation ? step down from power. And, just a week before Friday?s terror strike in Paris, French President Francois Hollande announced plans to deploy the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier to drop more bombs on Syria? ostensibly not to overthrow Assad, but to destroy ISIS.

Absent is any media coverage of who is responsible for the crimes against humanity that created the chaotic conditions that spawned ISIS and Islamist militias.

Which nations contributed to the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East since George W. Bush launched the Afghan War and the War on Terror?

Who launched the illegal war against Iraq that has devastated the nation, tortured thousands and left it in ruins?

Led by France, which Western and Arab League nations financed and militarily supported Sunni jihadists associated with al Qaeda and its affiliates, which overthrew Libya?s sovereign leader and left the country in mayhem?

Once again, following the Paris attacks, the airwaves are filled with screams for revenge and a doubling down on the fight against ?evildoers.?

So debased from reality has it become that the crowd at last week?s Presidential Reality Show debate cheered when GOP contender Marco Rubio declared that terrorists ?hate us because our girls go to school. They hate us because women drive in the United States.?

Trend Forecast: If the causes and effects of foreign policy ? doing to others as you would have them do to you ? are not truthfully examined, the War on Terror will escalate into World War III.

By Gerald Celente, The Trends Journal, read more from Celente in NewsVoice

Gerald Celente, född den 29 november 1946, är en amerikansk trendanalytiker, futurolog, företagskonsult, författare och skribent. Han gör förutsägelser om den finansiella ekonomin, såsom finanskrascher, och andra stora omvälvningar i samhället. Celente beskriver sig själv som politisk ateist. Han driver The Trends Research Institute.

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