For sale: Power Macintosh G3 Beige (1998) Vintage Mac

publicerad 20 februari 2016
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.

Power Macintosh G3 BeigeADVERTISEMENT. This old vintage Mac from 1998 with Mac OS 9 installed is in good shape.

Today I connected the machine to The University of Texas via FTP and downloaded some files. I surfed the internet ( using Netscape 4.4. It works event though the net looks absolutely terrible.

The computer comes with:

  • Serial n:o: XA7464W2BBW
  • 266 Mz, 512 K
  • 32 MB Ram, 4GB hard drive, 24x CD Rom
  • Flat Samsung screen, 2005
  • External Mac microphone
  • Two original Mac keybords (one in an un-opened box)
  • Original Mac mouse
  • Microsoft Age of Empires II for Mac
  • Five 1.4 MB discs in a case
  • External Zip Drive
  • Built-in Zip Drive
  • 15 Zip discs (100 MB)
  • Mac Magic graphic card
  • A bunch of old and installed Mac softwares from the 1990:th.

The Mac is currently in Stockholm, Sweden.

Price: 800 SEK (95 USD). Shipping cost will be added.

Contact the seller:


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