It’s time to end the era of oppressive government censorship of natural medicine and install medical freedom

publicerad 16 februari 2016
- av Mike Adams
Mike Adams

Mike AdamsNatural News. In this important note to all Natural News fans and readers, I explain why every branch of holistic and naturopathic medicine will be criminalized or banned if we don't stop the government's 100-year censorship of natural medicine, medical marijuana and healing foods.

Text och foto: Mike Adams | Republished from Natural News

Sadly, most people who promote holistic medicine are "progressives" who believe in bigger government with more power and control over everything in society. But the unfortunate result of bigger government is oppressive medicine like what we see with forced vaccine mandates (California SB 277), the medical kidnapping of children by cancer doctors and one day even forced organ harvesting from citizens who never consented.

"It's time to end the era of government suppression of natural cures, medical marijuana and holistic cancer therapies that work!"

At the same time, Big Government continues to criminalize medical marijuana and hemp farming, outlaw holistic cancer treatment therapies and imprison alternative medicine doctors who are pioneering new breakthroughs that could render the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry obsolete.

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