Lilian Neg – Understanding the Terrorists is the end of Terrorism

publicerad 10 februari 2016
- Lilian Neg
Lilian Neg Kisob 16 dec 2015 - Photo: Torbjorn Sassersson,

When terrorists are asked about their driving forces it becomes evident that many terrorists have a very clear purpose in spreading terror. They want to make it clear that they no longer accept the Western destructive interferences in their countries. They are tired of being preyed upon and being at the bottom of the society. They are fed up with imperialism and also their own corrupt governments.

Text, video and interview: Torbjorn Sassersson, | Contact Lillian: for book and lecture inquiries | Articles by Lillian Neg

Lillians-bok-Irak-2015Lilian Neg (1979-) who has a master degree in international law is a writer and analyst who recently came out with a book about the Iraqi war and the emerging terrorism in the Middle East and Africa. She base her suggestions for solutions in humanitarian work and development plans for the poor countries. She points to the United Nations and their development work for sustainable growth of sovereign countries.

Lilian Neg says the African continent is a very rich region and if properly managed people are going to move there instead of fleeing Africa for Europe. But this demands work for many years and one starting point could be to better understand the true origins of terrorism.

However to approach terrorists is difficult and dangerous but when successful the answers points back to the Westerns world and the rich countries of the North. We must be aware of how the rich people of the world co-created both terrorism and refugees en masse.

But when the Western media alone is portraying the terrorists it’s all about spreading terror and destroying our Western values. It’s too simplified. Their message is not known. We co-created them.

The interview was recorded in Bamenda, Cameroon, december 16, 2015

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  • Afrika was raped by western countries in decades. Many people dont´t realize that their fortune is build on others misfortune. China tries to give african countries fair deals but mostly western intelligens interfere with terroist threats and real ones and pay korrupt politicians. The metod John Perkins is telling is not only working in South America.

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