Steven Goddard / Tony Heller: El Niño pikar 2016

publicerad 8 mars 2016
- av NewsVoice

El Nino 1998-2016

Tony Heller: “Satellites show very little net warming since 1990, but the current [2016] El Niño spike is being touted as proof that we need global communism to stop climate change.” … “There was a very similar spike in February 1998.”

Steven Goddard is Tony HellerSteven Goddard (pseudonym for Tony Heller) is the publisher of “Real Science”. He promulgates that anthropogenic global warming are unfounded. Earlier he challenged the anthropogenic climate change theories through frequent postings on the Watts Up with That? blog.

In 2014 Tony Heller revealed his true real identity. Heller has a BS in geology from Arizona State University and a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Rice University.