Monsanto lost

publicerad 5 juni 2016
- av NewsVoice

paul-ferrisMonsanto’s butt was kicked. Monsanto’s army of lobbyists has been trying to get the European Union to reapprove the use of the herbicide Roundup for another nine years, but this time Monsanto’s butt was kicked, writes Paul Ferris from

By Paul Ferris,, extract from newsletter

But with the combined effort of environmental groups, scientists and consumer watchdogs pressuring authorities for a ban, we got a majority of European governments to abstain or oppose the extension, and the vote was cancelled — twice!

Roundup is now scheduled to be taken off the market by the end of this year — but Monsanto’s lobbyists have launched a last-ditch push for a so-called “technical exemption” for two more years, a delay that serves no purpose but to keep spending millions on their lobbying campaign against us. We’ve also just found out that another vote is planned this Monday, June 6! Will you chip in €1 to help keep up the fight?

This victory was great news for Europe, but it’s important for the rest of the world as well. We proved that you CAN take on the world’s worst corporation and win. And this victory was truly unbelievable. Monsanto was shocked that stores literally had to take Roundup off the shelves after we won!

Now we’ve got campaign teams in Canada, the U.S., and Australia all learning from the victory in the EU — and we’re planning our next steps to make sure we can defend this victory in Europe as well. Tens of thousands of you joined our call yesterday demanding European governments stand strong against the dangerous pesticide.

To take on a multinational Goliath like Monsanto, we need a multinational movement of activists working together through the power of the Internet. That’s exactly what SumOfUs is all about.

By Paul Ferris,, extract from newsletter

Paul Ferris, Campaign Director — Paul is an Australian currently living in New York. At SumOfUs, he’s a Campaigner Director who also doubles as a product manager. Before joining SumOfUs, he worked for international campaigning group, consulted on corporate campaign strategy, and was involved in youth climate organizing. Other than the US and Australia, he’s also lived for significant periods in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Thailand. He’s not bad at long-distance cycling, and definitely not good at cross country skiing, although considers both enjoyable.