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Gerald Celente was first to forecast Trump victory. What’s next?

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publicerad 10 november 2016
- NewsVoice redaktion - Trends Journal
Gerald Celente,   TrendsJournal
Gerald Celente, Trends Journal

As the Trends Research Institute repeatedly forecast, Donald J. Trump, riding a global-rising wave of anti-establishment and anti-elitism anger, stunned the world Tuesday by resoundingly defeating Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House.

Text: Trends Research, newsletter

Trump’s victory may have stunned the world, but not trend forecaster Gerald Celente, who was the first to predict Trump would beat all odds and become the nation’s 45th president.

In the May 2016 Trends Journal, Celente made this bold and now fully accurate prediction:

“Barring an ongoing barrage of self-inflicted wounds, despite his bluster, missteps, misquotes and numerous distortions of truth and facts and despite the general media/political consensus that he has no chance of winning, we contend Trump is an odds-on favorite at this time.”

As the race became an ugly spectacle and media began ringing the death knell for Trump, Celente wrote in the July 2016 Trends Journal:

 “While Clinton and Trump swap leads in a season of volatile polls, we maintain our forecast that absent a wildcard event or his self-imposed destruction, Trump, a proven reality-show champion, will win the White House.”

Celente stood by his forecast – even during periods when Trump slipped into self-destruct mode – based, in part, on a deep analysis of anti-establishment movements worldwide and how those sentiments were growing in the states. - Trends JournalThroughout a campaign centered on the two most unpopular candidates in modern US history, the institute emphasized the fact-based undercurrents of a populous fed up with the power structure. With 95 percent of the wealth gained in the US since 2009 going to the 1 percent, and 51 percent of fulltime workers earning $30,000 a year or less, the bottom line of the Trump campaign is the bottom line.

While mainstream media pundits harshly criticized Trump’s lack of world affairs knowledge, absence of policy and reality show gutter politics, the institute’s ongoing analysis reached deeper. It observed the race through three distinct lenses: the political world, media world and real world.

In the real world, which ultimately decided Trump’s fate, the growing disdain for the powerful elites in government and financial institutions easily overshadowed the candidate’s weaknesses, as Celente predicted. And Clinton’s entrenched and indisputable Wikileaks history as a high-ranking member of the elitist hierarchy sealed her doomed fate.

It’s the economy, stupid.

Among the foundational elements of Trump’s victory is his anti-globalization stance to bring jobs back and uplift struggling working class families. Thus, bound by a platform plank that he now must walk, the reality of a new economic model will shape America and the world, creating both high risk losses and high profit opportunities.

Text: Trends Research

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