TV4 Newsmorning thought banana mostly used to imitate phone answering – fake news

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publicerad 10 december 2016
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TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

HUMOR. The Swedish morning news show “Nyhetsmorgon” (Newsmorning) on the channel TV4 totally bought the funny fake news report from The Onion claiming that “bananas remain the overwhelming fruit of choice among individuals pretending to receive a telephone call”

By Torbjorn Sassersson | Video: TV4 Nyhetsmorgon [Dagens luring]

The Swedish newspaper Resumé was the first media outlet to pick up the the fake news about the fake study. Resumé notes that TV4 Newsmorning was given the defaming decoration called “Bewilder of the Year 2014” by the The Swedish Skeptics Association motivating the anti decoration claiming that TV4 Newsmorning has disseminated pseudo science news about medicine and health.

However The Swedish Skeptics Association is regarded to be controversial itself and has been nominated for the same decoration several times by the public.

NewsVoice gave the decoration “Bewilder of the Year” to the The Swedish Skeptics Association in 2011 due to the association’s not so scientific outlook. Rather the skeptics work to defame those with ideas and thoughts not aligned with their particular world view, we recon.

ArcanumSkolan 2024

Right now the blog let the public both nominate and vote for the Bewilder of the Year 2016. The Swedish Skeptics Association is nominated. Many people regard The Swedish Skeptics Association to be occupied by skeptics performing non intellectual ape-like behaviours. Some of the criticism has been gathered on the site:

By Torbjorn Sassersson


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  • “The Swedish Skeptics Association to be occupied by skeptics performing non intellectual ape-like behaviours”

    “Ape-like”? Must say apes are both more intellectual, reflective and focused in their judgement than these skeptics.

    At Klar Sikt

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