A New Documentary about Colloidal Silver – “The Silver Bible”

publicerad 18 januari 2017
- av NewsVoice
Lennart Sjölin - Photo: Anna Böhlmark, Almanova.eu
Lennart Sjölin - Photo: Anna Böhlmark,   Almanova.eu
From the film: "The Silver Bible" about collodial silver, in the picture Lennart Sjölin, professor of inorganic chemistry, Chalmers, Sweden - Photo: Anna Böhlmark, Almanova.eu

HEALTH. This documentary film investigates the research on colloidal silver. The authorities tries to stop the use of colloidal silver in Sweden but there are both professors and doctors who speak in favor of it, explains Anna Bohlmark who produced the film. 

"Is colloidal silver a fraud or a product that has the potential to "save" the world?"

Watch the film on Almanova.eu

Text: NewsVoice