Trigger behind terror attack in Stockholm – Revenge after media hunt on radical muslims?

publicerad 8 april 2017
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.
Torbjörn Sassersson 15 juni 2016 - Foto: Anna Böhlmark
Torbjörn Sassersson - Foto: A. Böhlmark

After the terror attack yesterday in the capital of Stockholm rendering a dozen of dead or hurt one core questions is why? What was the motive? One motive could simply be revenge following a serious media hunt on radical muslims between April 4 and April 7 in Swedish mainstream media.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, editor (the article is updated)

Three days before the terror attack in Stockholm on April 4 the Swedish channel TV4 Cold Facts broadcasted a very critical report targeting radical muslims and therefore also fundamental Islam in the northern area of Stockholm called Jarvafaltet. The area was built starting in the 1960:th to provide housing for immigrants. The area is by many regarded as a somewhat socially problematic area but there are also a cultural richness represented there.

Suspect behind terror attack Stockholm
Suspect of the terror attack in Stockholm. Source: Police, metro surveillance camera

Jarvafaltet includes parts such as: Tensta, Vallingby, Hasselby, Husby, Rinkeby, Hjulsta, Kista, Jarva, Akalla, Rissne och Barkarby. One apprehended suspect of the terror attack in Stockholm was found in Hjulsta. Another was taken in Marsta north of Stockholm. The man in Marsta came from Uzbekistan and lives in a suburb of Stockholm (so far undisclosed). He had posted propaganda for IS on his personal Facebook page states Swedish media outlets.

Media hunt on radical muslims

Jarvafaltet near Stockholm
Jarvafaltet near Stockholm - Approx. area - Click here to enlarge

From the 4:th to the 7:th of April Swedish mainstream media published some 45-50 articles – all critical of fundamental Islam in one way or another. The articles were focused around how women are harassed by muslim radicals in Jarvafaltet.

TV4 Cold Facts which started the media hunt pictured a grim situation of the lives of women in Jarvafaltet. Women are on a regular basis harassed if they wear thin clothes, make jokes, have a dog, drink wine on the porch or even if they are singels, all inappropriate according to the way of life of ortodox muslims. The articles - some very emotional - where published following up on the situation concerning these women.

It was clear in the report that radical muslims succeeded in scaring of most if not all women fighting for gender equality making some areas even more radical and thus less suitable for the western life style especially for women.

The woman that TV4 Cold Facts followed for several days said she finally left Hjulsta when radicals throw paving stones at her, big enough to kill her and her dog.

TV4 Cold Facts
TV4 Cold Facts (text translated by NewsVoice)

Some politicians and even the Prime Minister of Sweden expressed anger over how women are treated in Jarvafaltet by ortodox muslims, called self-declared ”morale police” by the media. Some politicians and political columnists even suggested to cut funding to a muslim organisation and closing down a certain school i Vallingby with a muslim principal who had sex segregated the education and the school buses.

This has never happened before. The tsunami of articles may have caused a ”response” from radical islamists or even jihadists this theory by NewsVoice suggests. Again, the media hunt targeting radical Islam has never before happened in Sweden. Here are some of the headlines found in the list of 45-50 articles.

"Secure the suburbs from the morale police"
"No morale police on our streets"
"Women can't go out, use perfume or make jokes"
"Not a cent to those who calls women unclean"
"Lofven [Swedish PM] about the segregated school bus: Disgusting!"
"M politician: I get so angry I boil"
"Teaching 12 year old they end up in Hell - Gets government money"
"This suppression that spreads must end"
"Stop baby sit men who hates women"
"The civil society must mark against the morale police"
"Apartheid now in Sweden"
"Jan Björklund (ex Swedish vice PM): We need to change the law"
"Stop the islamist men-society"

Whether the terror attack in Stockholm on April 7 was instigated by the recent media hunt is unclear it is beyond doubt that the areas of Jarvafaltet contains of several culturally boiling pots controlled by locals rather then the Swedish police and the law.

The investigative journalist from the U.S. Tim Pool recently reported from Rinkeby where he was turned away by police due to the risk of his life. Pool stirred up emotions within the political establishment in Sweden when he reported that Rinkeby is just one of many no-go-zones in Sweden and that there are problems in Sweden. Now it seems like Stockholm is no longer safe. On April 7 our capital was surely a no-go-zone Big time.

By Torbjorn Sassersson, editor

Politicians and och political debaters express severe criticism against the "morale police" and fundamental Islam -  Articles posted April 4-7, 2017