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Vaccinindustrin betalar ut miljardbelopp till vaccinskadade

Torbjörn Sassersson är grundare av NewsVoice som startade 2011. Torbjörn har arbetat inom media sedan 1995. Han har en fil kand (1992) inom miljövård från Stockholms Universitet. Stöd hans arbete genom en direktdonation via Paypal.
publicerad 6 september 2017
- Torbjörn Sassersson

En praktiserande läkare vid namn John Piesse i Australien varnar för vaccinrisker. Piesse säger att vacciner oundvikligen är osäkra och att vissa barn är särskilt utsatta. Han vet vad han pratar om. Industrin känner till riskerna och har betalt ut miljardbelopp i dollar till vaccinskadade, bara i USA.

Text: Torbjörn Sassersson

John Piesse hjälpte föräldrar med barn som han bedömde fanns i riskzonen för vaccinskada. För dessa barn undertecknade han undantagsblanketter. Myndigheter i Australien valde därför att utreda om dr John Piesse bör få ha kvar sin läkarlegitimation. Han riskerar även åtal. Den australiensiska tidningen The Age skriver den 31 augusti att John Piesse självmant valt att upphöra praktisera som läkare till dess att utredningen är klar.

Industrin känner till att det finns vaccinrisker

Dr John Piesse säger att han som praktiserande läkare konstaterat vaccinskador under 40 år. Han har skäl att vara säker på sin sak.

1988 etablerades i USA “The US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” (NVICP) som genom åren betalt ut 3, 7 miljarder dollar för att kompensera individer som åsamkats vaccinskador.

NVICP skapades av vaccinindustrin för att slippa konfrontera vaccinskadade i långa och än mer kostsamma domstolsprocesser. Industrin ansåg att överenskommelser genom NVICP var att föredra än att försöka framställa säkra vacciner. Industrins intäkter är ändå avsevärt större än vad de betalt ut i kompensationer.

“In very rare cases, a vaccine can cause a serious problem, such as a severe allergic reaction. In these instances, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) may provide financial compensation to individuals who file a petition and are found to have been injured by a VICP-covered vaccine.  Even in cases in which such a finding is not made, petitioners may receive compensation through a settlement.” 

“Since 1988, over 18,426 petitions have been filed with the VICP. Over that 29-year time period, 16,555 petitions have been adjudicated, with 5,581 of those determined to be compensable, while 10,974 were dismissed. Total compensation paid over the life of the program is approximately $3.7 billion.”

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Existerar ett bättre bevis för att vacciner kan skada och döda? Noteras bör att NVICP endast kompenserar drabbade där det finns tydliga bevis och där skadorna är svåra. De som inte kan leda i bevis att vacciner var orsaken till skadan och de som fått för “vaga” skador får ofta ingen kompensation. Mörkertalet för det egentliga antalet skadade kan därför vara stort.

Swisha Sassersson valfri summaFlera artiklar har publicerats i den australiensiska tidningen Melbourne Age om fallet med läkaren i Australien och Piesse försökte därför få in sin version med en egen artikeln, men Melbourne Age som har slogan “Independent. Always” tog inte in den, trots att han omnämnts negativt i minst tre artiklar i tidningen. Det vaccinskeptiska nätverket AVN i Australien fick därför möjligheten att publicera artikeln och NewsVoice återpublicerar den också.

Artikeln av dr John Piesse som Melbourne Age inte ville publicera

Dr John Piesse:

Dr John Piesse varnar för vaccinrisker
Dr John Piesse

“I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.

In 1988, the US National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was created. It has paid out over US$3.5 billion to the vaccine-injured. The NVICP was set up to protect vaccine manufacturers from ruinous costs of litigation by vaccine-damaged people. It was deemed preferable to have ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines than no vaccines. Unfortunately the protection provided to vaccine manufacturers also reduced incentives to develop safer vaccines in USA.

Politicians and doctors assure us that vaccinations are very safe although less than 5% of vaccine reactions are reported. Most are passed off as ‘just a coincidence’.

Vaccines contain health-damaging ingredients, not the least aluminium – a known neurotoxin implicated along with mercury, in brain damage as in autism, developmental delay, ADHD, and learning difficulties. Aluminium is also a powerful promoter of auto-immune diseases. Vaccines can claim to be mercury-free if their mercury content is below a still-toxic threshold. Most influenza vaccines contain mercury – also a neurotoxin. In addition, polysorbate 80 in vaccines increases the permeability of the blood brain barrier and potentiates the risks of these neurotoxins. The known presence of carcinogenic viruses in the MMR vaccine, has been covered-up. Vaccines also contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Proof of vaccine safety requires rigorously conducted clinical studies comparing vaccinated versus truly unvaccinated children for health outcomes. Are there any such studies that confirm that vaccinated children are not worse-off than those unvaccinated? No. There are none. Hence, child vaccines are unproven for safety – an inconvenient truth for a profession that prides itself on being scientific.

One analysis indicated that national infant mortality rates were proportional to the number of vaccine doses (Miller NZ 2011), contradictory to the claim that ‘vaccination saves lives’.

From mid-2015, parents who wished not to vaccinate their children, started to converge on my practice seeking assistance with gaining exemption from the penalties directed at non-vaccinators by the No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play Legislation.

Analysis up to the end of 2016 of parent’s reasons for not vaccinating, indicated that 64% of 166 parents knew of vaccine-damaged individuals in their own family. The study of ‘Adversomics’ confirms polymorphic and genomic susceptibility factors common to vaccine–damaged individuals and their families. (Poland GA 2015). 40% of unvaccinated children had pre-existing health problems that parents considered would make them more at risk of harm from vaccines. 60% of unvaccinated children were very healthy, but only 6% of the vaccinated children. There were no cases of autism in 212 unvaccinated children, but 8 autism cases in the 50 vaccinated children (16%), and 36% with ASD, compared to 1.4% in the unvaccinated.

As yet there are no large-scale vaccinated versus truly unvaccinated studies of the sort needed prove that vaccines do or do not cause autism.

So where does the widespread belief that vaccines do not cause autism derive? In a nutshell: from an over-whelming quantity of ‘manufactured science’ of low quality, scientific fraud, and ignoring !1 evidence supporting causality. Few doctors and politicians are aware of the pivotal scientific fraud committed in the US Centers for Disease Control. A study of the MMR vaccine in black American babies showed a 2.5 fold higher level of autism in babies given the MMR vaccine at 12 months of age compared to 3 years.

The CDC refused to publish these findings but manipulated the data to disguise the undeniable association found. The fraudulent data was then published (DeStefano F 2004 ) and promoted as the final statement on the question. Thereafter the official line was that vaccination did not cause autism. 5000 vaccine-damaged children had their applications in the Vaccine Court for compensation quashed after this deception. But whistle-blower William Thompson released the true unabridged data which was published briefly until pressure from the CDC forced its retraction (Hooker B 2014)

A recent study of home-school students showed a 6.6 fold increase in neurodevelopmental disorders in the vaccinated group over the unvaccinated. Autism spectrum disorders were 4.7 times more prevalent in the vaccinated children (Mawson AR 2017).

So long as doctors and governments continue to be hood-winked into believing that vaccines do not cause autism, no action will be taken to stop the alarming surge in the autism epidemic. A tragedy that need not happen if we demand good science and safe vaccines.”

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Text: NewsVoice


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