Russia Today skojar om Sveriges krigsberedskapsbroschyr i händelse av krig med Ryssland

publicerad 25 maj 2018
- av NewsVoice
RT skojar om Sveriges krigsberedskapsbroschyr 2018

NOTERAT. skojar om att svenska myndigheter i samarbete med Försvarsmakten ger ut en krigsberedskapsbroschyr om ett totalt försvar och en motståndskraft som aldrig upphör. Fienden är som vanligt Ryssland även om Sverige inte varit i krig på mycket lång tid med Ryssland. 

[Ingressen uppdaterad kl 22:02, 25 maj]

Russia Today:

"This week the world was asking, does Sweden know something we don’t? The famously peaceful and egalitarian home of flat-pack furniture handed out a guide to fighting a war to all of its citizens.

Swedes were told to prepare for “total defense,” and that “resistance will never cease,” which is easy to say when an actual enemy doesn’t appear to exist, and your nation hasn’t fought a war in two centuries.

However, there may be a bigger issue facing Sweden, and any other country should they decide to fight a war.

ICYMI ponders whether millennials could even be persuaded to enter a conflict zone where WiFi is notoriously temperamental, and the work-life balance precarious at best." -

Ladda ner som PDF: Om krisen eller kriget kommer (internationell version)

RT skojar om Sveriges krigsberedskapsbroschyr 2018
RT skojar om Sveriges krigsberedskapsbroschyr