Syria close to direct conflict with US in Syria – Take out of Assad not ruled out

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John Perkins - Photo: GprojectORG

It seems for now the Syrian government with allies have deterred the US led coalition from ousting the Assad government and change the regime. But according to the former economical warfare strategist John Perkins, there is no giving up. There is always the risk the aggressor may try stealth methods, like sending in the jackals.

Bashar al-Assad - Pressfoto
Bashar al-Assad – Pressfoto

Assad who met with the foreign correspondent Murad Gazdiev, during an RT interview in Damascus, says the US led coalition had difficulties to control its proxy war against Syria, having to switch its support between the various anti-Assad factions who in turn often switched side themselves. Also US had to face the fact that Syria recaptured key cities such as Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor by government forces. And don’t forget, the world probably didn’t completely buy the false flag chemical attack in Douma, RT reports.

So now there has been media silence for some weeks, a calm before another storm?

Yet this gives Assad hope that the US is loosing momentum and could be brought to the negotiating table. He wants to close the gap between their plans and Syria’s plans. However Assad said in the interview that the US and their European puppets may continue to support terrorists, bringing in more terrorists into Syria or by hindering the political process, but he is not mentioning the jackals.

John Perkins - Photo: G Project
John Perkins – Photo: G Project

John Perkins revealed the tactics

John Perkins who confessed his professional economic warfare tactics in the book “Confessions of an economic hitman” has numerous times during interviews and talks described how the US first try to take over a country by using big bank lending, bribery of top leaders and great promises of building up the infrastructure and welfare of the country of US’ interest.

If this doesn’t work they will send in the jackals to try to take out the top political leader and if that doesn’t work they bring the army to proceed with a military take over. There might be attempts to finance a proxy war against the opponent or to directly bomb the presidential palace, “or something along those lines”, Perkings explaines

And don’t forget the media as a part of the hybrid warfare scheme.

These tactics and strategies have been perfected by the US war machine over many decades in Central America, South America, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, former Yugoslavia etcetera and also, in Europe. Why do you think there is a “invasion” of asylum seeking people fleeing from the wars created by the US? Could it be to destabilize Europe for economical reasons? Some people think that.

All the ways of killing someone and changing the leadership may exchange each other until the mission is finally completed. They will never give up. The current silence of the media is therefore somewhat chilling.

Michael Rubin - Press photo,
Michael Rubin – Press photo,

Michael Rubin who writes for the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog and who is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute as well as a former Pentagon official, suggested on April 10, 2018, that: “It’s time to assassinate Assad.” He feels there are no hindrances to do that and it could be done with a direct tomahawk missile strike against the presidential palace.

“Want to use cruise missiles? As Assad leads Syria to ruin, there is no reason why his shiny and ostentatious palace should remain standing on a mountaintop above Damascus.”

Michael Rubin continues with his reasoning:

“A cruise missile strike that kills Assad will not alone bring peace. But it will enable Syrians to begin a new discussion while simultaneously signaling other world leaders that they do not have immunity should they use weapons of mass destruction.”

Then there are the jackals who work silently. They might assembly a car bomb or attempt a long range shot from a hill top. This could happen any day, like tomorrow. In 2013 The Guardian reported that Syria’s prime minister survived an assassination attempt after a car bomb attack killed his bodyguard and injured his driver in Damascus.

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