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Open Letter to President Putin and the Youths of Russia

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publicerad 1 juni 2018
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Ingemar WärnströmEvil exists, it causes all wars and all terrorism. But is it really what we thought? For many years I have tried to solve the riddle of evil. Can it be located? Can it be defeated and stopped? I think I found the answers. We can put an end to it and thus become whole humans. But above all, we will get peace in the world, for the first time ever. Crushing evil is our graduation test as humans.

By Ingemar Warnstrom | Läs denna artikel på svenska

The world was not created by chance, as argued by mechanistic science, it is an entirely conscious creation, made by the intelligence of the universe which in all times and all cultures, was called God.

The Mechanistic Science is the knowledge system of our civilization. It is a partial science, limited by a dogma claiming that only matter is real, while everything else is superstition. But Einstein did not agree:

“As far as matter is concerned we have been completely wrong. What we call matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered so that it is visible to our senses. There is no matter.”

Life is not mechanical, it’s intelligent and constantly adapts to its environment. It does not obey mechanical or mathematical laws and can’t be investigated by mechanistic science.

Max Planck, Nobel Prize laureate and one of the founders of Quantum Physics said:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” . . . There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together  . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Science can’t paint a clearer picture of God. He is the consciousness that created every atom and holds it all together. He is in total control of everything happening in the universe.

The mechanistic science works decently well in technology but can’t be used where life is involved. If the electrons of the atoms are kept rotating by the intelligence of the universe, also the atom is a life unit. No “dead particles” exist in our world, which was thought into being by the mind of the universe.

If God created the world, who then created God, is a common objection. God was never created, he always existed because he belongs to a dimension beyond time. He is the innermost characteristic of the universepure consciousness—the source of all life. The human soul is also connected to this source. Our body can die, but our soul can’t, it’s eternal.

Human consciousness is not created in our brain but reflects the consciousness of the universe, filtered through the brain. We perceive it as our own. But only one consciousness exists, which permeates the entire universe. It belongs to the dimension beyond time and space and can neither be created nor die. The universe is alive, it’s an organic not a mechanical unit, and can’t be described by mathematics or mechanics, which the Big Bang-theory does.

The Bible has been adjusted to suit the power elite’s plans, but even if it’s not always correct, it is a source of great wisdom, often more reliable than the mechanistic science, who’s claims are designed to get rid of an intelligent creator.

Our spiritual growth requires that we live many lives. Our soul is only developing during its incarnations on Earth. When our body dies, the soul returns to the timeless dimension to summarize the experiences and prepare for a new life on Earth, in a new body. We need experiences both as a poor and as a wealthy person, as a man and as a woman, as an oppressed and as an oppressor, as a person of colour and as a white, to mature into whole persons. The life experiences by time turn into love, humility and wisdom.

Groundless Hypotheses

Many atheists believe that mechanistic science has understood in detail how creation came about. That is not true. It has elevated some hypothesis into truths for the only reason to get rid of Good, because evil can’t coexist with him, they need to have full control of humanity by themselves.

The Big Bang, is the magic act of mechanistic science. It says that first nothing existed in the universe. Then nothing exploded, and everything was created, out of nothing. As everyone understands, this is not science, it can’t even be called Science Fiction. The Big Bang theory should have ended here. A scientific theory can’t be based on pure fantasy. But instead a whole cosmology has been developed around it to further strengthen the atheist worldview.

Darwin’s theory of evolution has for long been the flagship of atheism. It states that all lifeforms were developed through natural selection from a first cell created by chance. This was known to be scientifically impossible even before the complexity of the DNA molecule was settled, showing that even a simple cell’s DNA program would require 100 million pages to print out. Only a huge intelligence could create such an incredible program, millions of times more complicated than all the world’s programmers could design. Chance is thereby ruled out. Mutations happen but never contribute with new intelligent information, which would be required to create new species. Nor do any halfway developed species exist as fossils.

The Mechanistic Science should have been declared dead long ago and exchanged for a science based on consciousness. The reason why we still have it is that evil can only survive when it can use science to bias the truth and deceive us that life is mechanical, that it is meaningless and was created by chance.

The Earth was God’s gift to humanity, with the condition that we must defeat evil. Otherwise it would be destroyed; by toxins, bombs and in many other ways. The creator wants to see if we now have become clever enough to defeat evil.

Leading us Astray

Evil is the negative force of creation. Its life energy comes from human suffering and death. It can be found behind most of the world’s problems. It’s creating chaos and wars. It confuses us and is a good deceiver leading us astray to misunderstand life. But it is part of God’s creative strategy and was needed in creation of the accomplished human. Its’ key attribute is control. Evil gave us wars which brought us immense suffering, but also, through millennia, made us more humble and wise. Without evil as an ever-present challenge, man would long ago have degenerated and disappeared from Earth.

Such a force counteracting man’s development is irrational in a world created by chance, but becomes logical in a world created by a superior intelligence, planning to develop a human “in his own image”.

The creator brought us the perfect evil. To be able to contribute in forming the human character it must have the exact opposite properties of what is wanted in the human. The psychopath is perfect, he knows all evil. The human, on the other hand is a good-natured sort who would never think of ​​starting a war and kill people. He has weaknesses but being created in God’s image, he is not evil.

The birth of a psychopath takes place when a person sells his soul to the forces of darkness for power and wealth, without being told that his sexual orientation turns into pedophilia and that his capacity for love and compassion disappears. The dark power’s thoughts and aims completely takes over the person.

Through those people the dark forces control the world. They have strong nerves but lack human feelings. They are often charming and always manipulative. They easily climb to high levels in society. Pedophilia thrives among politicians. Psychopaths are many, about 5% of all people half of them men, half women. They are God’s help forces. Evil also points out the human’s weaknesses. If man wasn’t bribable, never stole anything and always was honest, there would be no space for evil to thrive. It’s the weak points of humans that gives evil its life-space. Fear and greed are perhaps the biggest, but none of them is motivated. Nothing bad can happen to us, not even when we die. But evil wants us to be scared.

Any other evil, except the one of the psychopath, doesn’t exist. It is complete, and we are expected to free ourselves from it to qualify for next level in our human education. This is God’s great test of us.

A Perfect Role Model

During the 18 years when Jesus was missing in his native country, he lived in Kashmir, India, where he learned from Indian masters to perform the wonders he became known for; transforming water into wine, feeding five thousand people with 2 fishes and five loaves of bread, curing the sick and walking on water. These abilities, known as Siddhis, are well known in India since way back in time. He told his disciples that the miracles he did they would also be able to do. (He must have explained reincarnation to them, if it wasn’t already part of the common belief at the time).

Jesus’ life showed how far humans can reach. He was not the only son of God. All people are connected to the same lifegiving source. Jesus just showed the natural state of a fully developed human. With the right spiritual training, many people might be able to reach that state. Evil considered this to be a deadly threat and it was one of many reasons why they constantly deceive us.

Jesus was taken down from the cross by friends, healed and returned to India where he died at high age. His tomb is in Sri Nagar, Kashmir. His mother Maria is buried in Mari, Pakistan.

But the church made up their own story where Jesus became the son of God. That, they said, was the only reason why he could make the wonders. The story also reduced the risk that people might believe they could become like him. The church has always scared us that exercises from Eastern cultures; yoga, qigong, meditation and breathing exercises, are of the devil. To make sure we didn’t even try to develop spiritually man was downgraded to a meaningless and useless creature that had “come from dust”. In fact, it was only the degree of knowledge and maturity that separated Jesus from common people.

The Catholic Church was founded by the Roman Empire in the 4th century, by the same black power that crucified Jesus. They said it was to support Christianity and spread his message of love. But the truth was the opposite. Through the church they gained total control over people’s mind and could earn money on their naïveté. Everything truly spiritual was replaced by Pomp and Circumstance, and things that Jesus had been opposed to.

The Roman Catholic Church has ever since been a crime nest on Earth, washing black money in its own Vatican Bank. Its extensive pedophilia shows its true nature.

The Russian Peace Project

To get rid of evil, we must rid ourselves of the ignorance about life that was forced upon us by the universities. Their teaching has a decisive role in how the world works, and they are run by the same destructive forces that are running the war industries, the news-media, the medical drug industries. the big banks and quite often also the politics of different countries. All university education is based on mechanistic science, the only form of science they accept. But it deludes us, knowledge of life must be based on consciousness, not on matter.

A peace university anchoring the truth in the world is part of the project, together with extensive media information telling people that the world is just waking up from a many thousand years long sleep.

Evil can be destroyed, not by military or political means, but by true knowledge of life. Then we will get a peace elevating humanity to a higher level, where spiritual, ethical, and human values are self-evident, and man can develop his full potential.

God does not interfere in our lives, not even to stop our wars. The intention is that we shall do it ourselves by finding a way to defeat evil, which will then put an end to all wars. If our civilization has taken a disastrous direction where evil is threatening to take over power in all countries, it’s up to us to find a way to solve the problem.

Today, thousands of alert people make an incredible job for the truth, waking up many people. What remains to dissect is our science system, that has taken over the role of religions. All religions have been manipulated and are not used to enlighten humanity but instead to mislead us.

A true science will automatically lead to a spiritual view of life. Nothing less than great humility for creation is possible.

This peace project can only be implemented in Russia, a country working for peace and where spiritual values are understood to be necessary for human well-being.

Some western countries are trying hard to create more and bigger wars. The reason is their infinite need for control which requires all other countries to become their vassals. It’s a natural trait of people who have been working in concealment and in constant scare of discovery.

If President Putin supports this World Peace Project, it can start immediately and perhaps quickly influence the tense world situation. As soon as God can see steps taken to introduce a knowledge system of truth, a science of life, a détente may follow. The Russian youths has, together with their president, a decisive role in the project, without them the project can’t be realized.

In today’s western world it would not be possible to realize.

I would like to contribute with my experience from my world-view project The University for Global Well-Being, in Sweden 1998-2003. It was loved by students and teachers, but it worried the dark forces who knew that if truth takes over the universities, their life and work on Earth would end. A false reality, based on the mechanistic science is the life insurance of the evil. Our small project was considered so important to stop, that people, under false pretenses, came all the way from the US to “help” us.

The lecturers were, however, genuine: Among them were the professor of Eco-Philosophy, Henryk Skolimowski, the professor of Physics Amit Goswami author of The Self-Aware Universe, God is not Dead, and Physic of the Soul, as well as the director of the Scientific & Medical Network, David Lorimer and many, many others.

The Struggle between Darkness and Light, is the big life drama, designed and staged by the innermost consciousness of the universe who knows that living it is necessary for development of man’s full potential. Behind all its aspects and actors, its creator can be found. Let’s continue to call him God. 

The Truth Shall Set Us Free, and bring Peace to Earth

By Ingemar Warnstrom | Läs denna artikel på svenska

The Russian World Peace Project

Ingemar Wärnström, founded CANHELP, The Council for the Advancement of a New Human Ethic Life Paradigm in 1996, and the University for Global Well-Being, in 1998, (later renamed Holma College). He wrote SLOWLY WE WAKE UP, and Realize Who is Running Our World, (only available in Swedish) and some articles, mainly for Swedish NewsVoice.

People who want to participate in the project and/or are interested in studying at the planned peace university, will find more information on our website from June of 2018.

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