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Swedish government politics are the industry politics of Wallenberg

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publicerad 24 augusti 2018
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Article: "Secret Meetings to Shape the World", Daily Mirror on the Bilderberg Group, February 13, 1980
Article: "Secret Meetings to Shape the World", Daily Mirror on the Bilderberg Group, February 13, 1980
Article: “Secret Meetings to Shape the World”, Daily Mirror on the Bilderberg Group, February 13, 1980

Here is the deciding information about Swedish government leadership that no Swedish PK (politically correct)-journalists in MSM will write about. That’s the opinion of Kalle Hellberg who has compiled how the Bilderberg Group and Wallenberg selected which persons who were/are to receive highly placed ministerial posts since the 1950s forth until today.

By Kalle Hellberg | Translation: Liz Bryman (note and apology: The phrase compositions are the original author’s, translated here as closely as possible without attempts to apply edits or corrections) | Source: “Bilderberggruppen och Wallenberg bakom selekteringen av svenskt regeringsstyre sedan 1950-talet”

Kalle Hellberg
Kalle Hellberg

Now in election times when there is a chance to really stand politicians up against the wall and at the same time make revelations of which the general public has no idea, that journalists should pose the following questions to the later chosen top politicians is for many people unthinkable?

Question to Fredrik Reinfeldt: Was it so that you were designated to become the next prime minister and that you had to chose your “enemy” Carl Bildt for your foreign minister, when Wallenberg invited you to the Bilderberg meeting in Canada in 2006?

Question to Anders Borg: What directive did you receive about the economic direction and development of Sweden when Wallenberg invited you to the Bilderberg meeting in Turkey in 2007?

Question to Maud Olofsson: What directive did you receive regarding Swedish nuclear energy when you by Wallenberg and Bildt were invited to the Bilderbergars’ meeting in USA in 2008 and how much did Carl Bildt go to work on you about nuclear energy when you sat together on the plane home? (On Calle B:s blog he describes how he discussed with Maud on the plane trip home, although not the topic, but it is well known among most power insiders that she after that trip started lobbying to get new nuclear energy power plants built in Sweden).

Question to Jan Bjorklund: What directive did you receive about the Swedish school system and its development, as well as the Swedish military’s coupling with Nato, when you were invited by Wallenberg (and Bildt) to the Bilderberg meeting in Greece in 2009? Did you also get orders to lobby for new Swedish nuclear energy (power plants)?

Question to Stefan Lofven: Were you in clear terms informed at the Bilderberg meeting in Watford, England, in 2013 that you would become the prime minister of Sweden after the 2014 elections and this was made clear even to Carl Bildt and Anders Borg then?

Question to Annie Lööf: Did you get to know that the real powers’ most important lackeys (The Bilderberg Group) considered placing you as prime minister in Sweden after the 2018 elections, when you were privileged to take part in their annual meeting in June in Virginia, USA, in 2017? Were you promised to become prime minister no matter how you conduct yourself prior to the election? [Transl.: Some scandals were reported involving her.]

The outcome of all upcoming elections appears to be decided in advance. Here you journalists assist by not posing the important questions. Is this on purpose and how is it possible that, morally, you journalists can in this way serve the purposes of the powers?

Participating Swedes in the Bilderberg Group meetings

Here follows a list giving good insight in the agenda of the real powers that be, if you take time to study it and history.

Bold text = politicians or politicians to be.
Within parenthesis = work or area of belonging at the time of the annual meeting.

Marcus Wallenberg (1899–1982) - Wikimedia Commons
Marcus Wallenberg (1899–1982) – Wikimedia Commons
  • 1954 Herbert Tingsten (DN), Martin Waldenström (bank), Tage Erlander (s)
  • 1955 Herbert Tingsten (DN)
  • 1957 Marcus Wallenberg, Per Jakobsson (IMF)
  • 1958 Marcus Wallenberg, Erik Boheman (fp)
  • 1962 Marcus Wallenberg, Tage Erlander (s)
  • 1963 Marcus Wallenberg, Sven Dahlman (UD), Herman Kling (s)
  • 1964 Marcus Wallenberg
  • 1965 Marcus Wallenberg, Olof Palme (s)
  • 1966 Marcus Wallenberg
  • 1967 Marcus Wallenberg, Yngve Holmberg (h, som senare blev m)
  • 1968 Björn Lundvall (LME)
  • 1969 Marcus Wallenberg, Kjell Olof Feldt (s)
  • 1970 Marcus Wallenberg, Sven Moberg (s)
  • 1971 Marcus Wallenberg, Ingmund Bengtsson (s)
  • 1972 Marcus Wallenberg
  • 1973 Marcus Wallenberg, Anders Björgerd (Sydkraft), Olof Palme (s), Gunnar Sträng (s), Krister Wickman (s), Nils Svensson (Götaverken), Hugo Lindgren (Skull & Bones?)
  • 1974 Marcus Wallenberg, Krister Wickman (s)
  • 1975 Marcus Wallenberg, Björn Lundvall (LME), Krister Wickman (s)
  • 1977 Marcus Wallenberg, Björn Lundvall (LME), Krister Wickman (s)
  • 1978 Marcus Wallenberg, Björn Lundvall (LME), Thorbjörn Fälldin (c)
  • 1979 Marcus Wallenberg, Björn Lundvall (LME), Ola Ullsten (fp), Lars Wohlin (Sv. Riksbank)
  • 1980 Marcus Wallenberg, Björn Lundvall (LME), Lars Wohlin (Sv. Riksbank)
  • 1981 Marcus Wallenberg, Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania)
  • 1982 Björn Svedberg (Ericsson), Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Lars Wohlin (Sv. Riksbank)
  • 1983 Kjell Olof Feldt (s), Anders Ferm (s), Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Clas-Erik Odhner (LO), Hans Werthén (Electrolux), Kai Hammerich (SAAB-Scania)
  • 1984 Peter Wallenberg, Olof Palme (s), Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Lennart Johansson (SKF), Assar Lindbäck (nationalekonom), Curt Nicolin (SAF), Clas-Erik Odhner (LO), Stig Synnergren (chef för konungens stab), Anders Thunborg (s), Hans Whertén (Electrolux), Kai Hammerich (SAAB-Scania)
  • 1985 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Mats Hellström (s)
  • 1986 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Carl Johan Åberg (s, UD)
  • Peter Wallenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0
    Peter Wallenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0

    1987 Peter Wallenberg, Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Hans Zetterberg (Sv.Dagbl.)

  • 1988 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Anders Thunborg (s), Staffan Burenstam-Linder (m), Anders Åslund (nationalekonom, Öststatsexpert)
  • 1989 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Hans Blix (IAEA, tidigare fp)
  • 1990 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Bertil Torekull (Sv. Dagbl.),
  • 1991 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Bo C E Ramfors (SEB), Lars Jonung (nationalekonom)
  • 1992 Sten Gustafsson (SAAB-Scania), Carl Bildt (m), Percy Barnevik (ABB), Anders Åslund (nationalekonom, Öststatsexpert)
  • 1993 Carl Bildt (m)
  • 1994 Percy Barnevik (ABB), Hans Bergström (Nerikes Allehanda, senare DN), Stig Larsson (SJ)
  • 1995 Percy Barnevik, Kung Carl-Gustav, Ines Uusman (s)
  • Marcus Wallenberg
    Marcus Wallenberg – Foto: SEB Group, pressfoto

    1996 Marcus Wallenberg (dy fom nu), Percy Barnevik (ABB), Anders Åslund (nationalekonom, Öststatsexpert), Mona Sahlin (s)

  • 1997 Marcus Wallenberg, Percy Barnevik (Investor), Björn Svedberg (Ericsson)
  • 1998 Percy Barnevik (Investor), Jacob Wallenberg
  • 1999 Percy Barnevik (Investor), Anders Åslund (nationalekonom, Öststatsexpert), Carl Bildt (m), Björn Rosengren (s), Tom Hedelius (Handelsbanken), Mauricio Rojas (fp, vd Timbro år 2000)
  • 2000 Percy Barnevik (Investor), Jacob Wallenberg, Leif Johansson (Volvo), Leif Pagrotsky (s), Lars-Erik Pettersson (Skandia)
  • 2001 Marcus Wallenberg, Jacob Wallenberg, Percy Barnevik (Investor), Tom Hedelius (Handelsbanken), Leif Pagrotsky (s), Leif Johansson (Volvo), Lars Ramqvist (Ericsson), Michael Treschcow (Electrolux)
  • Jacob Wallenberg2002 Jacob Wallenberg, Michael Treschcow (Electrolux)
  • 2003 Jacob Wallenberg, Anna Lindh (s), Claes Dahlbäck (Investor)
  • 2004 Jacob Wallenberg, Lars Heikensten (Riksbankchef), Gunnar Brock (Atlas-Copco)
  • 2005 Jacob Wallenberg, Erik Belfrage (SEB)
  • 2006 Jacob Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Fredrik Reinfeldt (m), Hans Stråberg (Electrolux)
  • 2007 Jacob Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Anders Borg (m), Hans-Henric Svanberg (Ericsson)
  • 2008 Jacob Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Maud Olofsson (c), Tom Johnstone (SKF)
  • 2009 Jacob Wallenberg, Marcus Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Jan Björklund (fp)
  • 2010 Jacob Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Urban Bäckström (Svensk Näringsliv), Lars Renström (Alfa Laval)
  • 2011 Jacob Wallenberg, Mordashov, Alexey A. (CEO, Severstal), Carl Bildt (m), Ewa Björling (m)
  • 2012 Jacob Wallenberg, Jonas Bonnier (vd Bonnier AB), Gunilla Carlsson (m)
  • 2013 Jacob Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Anders Borg (m), Stefan Löfven (s), Börje Ekholm (vd Investor)
  • 2014 Jacob Wallenberg, Marcus Wallenberg, Carl Bildt (m), Håkan Buskhe (SAAB AB), Tove Lifvendahl (Svenska Dagbladet), Carl-Henrik Svanberg (vd Volvo AB),
  • 2015 Jacob Wallenberg, Mikael Damberg (s), Carola Lemne (Svenskt Näringsliv), Carl-Henric Svanberg (BP, Volvo)
  • 2016 Jakob Wallenberg, Magdalena Andersson (s), Conni Jonsson (EQT)
  • 2017 Marcus Wallenberg, Johanna Rosén (professor i materialfysik vid Linköpings Universitet), Annie Lööf (c)
  • 2018 Marcus Wallenberg, Danica Kragic (professor i datalogi och robotik på KTH), Maria Rankka, (författare och debattör, tidigare moderat nära knuten till Carl Bildt och numera VD för Stockholms handelskammare)

That at the 2006 meeting it was decided that Fredrik Reinfeldt would receive the role as prime minister in Sweden after the upcoming elections and that his “enemy” Carl Bildt should become foreign minister was for us who follow the activities by the powers-that-be quite clear long before the elections.

Also that Anders Borg the year thereafter was invited to get directives for his job as finance minister.

Maud Olofsson without a doubt received direction pointers about, among other things, Swedish nuclear energy politics, since she, after coming home from the 2008 meeting, began lobbying to get new nuclear power plants built in Sweden.

That Jan Björklund [minister of education] learned his lesson well showed his hard fight for a changed school system and joining Nato. When the powers give orders one obeys. 

That [only] the highest mahafs in the latest alliance government were invited [to the meetings]  during the most recent years but no one from the opposition could only mean that the Bilderbergars’ intention was that the alliance should stay during the coming period also, after the 2010 election.

So it was clear even with the government change after the 2014 election that the new prime minister should be named Stefan Löfven, as decided at the 2013 Bilderberg meeting.

Now we’ll see if Annie Lööf becomes the next prime minister in Sweden, which should happen if all “goes like it should”, or if the Bilderbergars might have miscalculated?

Swedish governments  influenced by the Bilderberg Group

The results of the Bilderberg Groups machinations are evident in the composition of several Swedish governments over the years.

  • 1951-10-01 to 1957-10-31 Tage Erlander Koalition: Socialdemokratiskt, Bondeförbundet
  • 1957-10-31to 1969-10-14 Tage Erlander Socialdemokratisk
  • 1969-10-14 to 1976-10-08 Olof Palme Socialdemokratisk
  • 1976-10-08 to 1978-10-18 Thorbjörn Fälldin Koalition: Centerpartiet, Moderata samlingspartiet and Folkpartiet
  • 1978-10-18 to 1979-10-12 Ola Ullsten Folkpartiet
  • 1979-10-12 to 1981-05-19 Thorbjörn Fälldin Koalition: Centerpartiet, Moderata samlingspartiet and Folkpartiet
  • 1981-05-19 to 1982-10-08 Thorbjörn Fälldin Koalition: Centerpartiet, Folkpartiet
  • 1982-10-08 to 1986-02-28 Olof Palme Socialdemokratisk
  • 1986-03-01 to 1990-02-26 Ingvar Carlsson Socialdemokratisk
  • 1990-02-26 to 1991-10-04 Ingvar Carlsson Socialdemokratisk
  • 1991-10-04 till 1994-10-07 Carl Bildt Koalition: Moderata samlingspartiet, Centerpartiet, Folkpartiet och Kristdemokratiska samhällspartiet
  • 1994-10-07 to 1996-03-22 Ingvar Carlsson Socialdemokratisk
  • 1996-03-22 to 2006-10-06 Göran Persson Socialdemokratisk
  • 2006-10-06 to 2014-10-03 Fredrik Reinfeldt Koalition: Moderata samlingspartiet, Centerpartiet, Kristdemokraterna och Folkpartiet
  • 2014-10-03 to 2018 Stefan Löfven Koalition: Socialdemokrater, Miljöpartiet, Vänstern

By Kalle Hellberg

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