Hur ser egentligen skådisen Bill Murray på sitt liv och Sverige? Två intervjuer

publicerad 6 januari 2019
- av NewsVoice
Bill Murray, 2018. Foto: - Sunday Sitdown

“Actor Bill Murray has spent his career giving audiences some of the most quotable comedy classics of movie history, but he’s also become somewhat of an urban folk hero in recent years by showing up unannounced to parties and photoshoots. Murray talks to Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist about the recent documentary focusing on the encounters and how he can naturally fit right into the groups.” –

Bild: Bill Murray, 2018. Foto: – Sunday Sitdown

“Bill Murray recalls that time he was arrested in Stockholm, Sweden, for driving a golf cart under influence. We also speak to Jeff Goldblum and Bob Balaban about working with Wes Anderson on “Isle of Dogs”.” – MovieZine

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