John Stossel: The Truth About Climate Change

publicerad 15 februari 2019
- av NewsVoice
William Moomaw, Tufts University Professor. Foto: ReasonTV

Some thoughts from the comments field:

“As a scientist, it saddens me to see so many people focused on the wrong questions here. It isn’t a question of climate change existing or not existing. That definitely exists, the more pertinent question is how bad is it and what can we do?”

“In the 1980’s they talked about the earth cooling and a new ice age can they get their story straight?”

“Notice how they always talk about carbon and NEVER about pollution! Mercury, lead, NOx are all more dangerous than carbon ! Plant more trees, protect the rain forests !”.

“The biggest lie ever told to the world is Man Made Global Warming. Man has nothing to do with it – never has. Climate change is real and it will always change. Climate is cyclical and is controlled by the sun. The “Modern warm period” ended in 2016 and we are now descending into a Grand Solar Minimum. Man contributes 0.04% of CO2 to the total atmosphere the rest comes from the oceans and volcanos. Colder oceans capture CO2 and a warmer ocean releases CO2.”

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