Interview: Ex CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson was surveilled by the Obama administration

    Sharyl Attkisson - Pressfoto
    Sharyl Attkisson – Pressfoto

    Former CBS correspondent Sharyl Attkisson talks about her computers being remotely turned on and hacked at night by a government agency while she covered sensitive stories during the Obama administration.

    In Swedish: Den nya kanalen The Whistleblower Newsroom har intervjuat Sharyl Attkisson (i bild). Hon intervjuas av Kristina Borjesson och svenskamerikanskan Celia Farber båda boende i NewYork. Attkisson blev avlyssnad av Obamaadministrationen och kunde bevisa det.

    The Whistleblower Newsroom is a pod platform by whistleblowers, for whistleblowers and about whistleblowers with journalists Celia Farber and Kristina Borjesson and their whistleblowing guests who stood up for the truth when others wouldn’t.

    Source: The Whistleblower Newsroom: Surveilling Sharyl Attkisson


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