Project Veritas wins lawsuit

James O’Keefe - Foto: Project Veritas, september 2018
James O’Keefe – Foto: Project Veritas

DULY NOTED. Veritas has won a huge battle for the First Amendment rights of all journalists. The Teter v. Project Veritas Action lawsuit was thrown out in court!  In fact, the claims from the plaintiffs were so thin that the judge wouldn’t even send it to the jury.

This is great news! So impressive that it was even featured in The New York Times.  Victory is sweet.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Veritas over the past few days.  Federal court is a grueling experience that I wish on no one.  Your support and well-wishes have inspired my team to continue to fight for the rights that you and I hold so dear.

Friend, I wish you could have been there to witness this very important moment in the history of journalism. It was simply incredible.

When the judge explained his decision, he spoke eloquently, and he vindicated our methods and our existence.

I find this quote particularly inspiring:

“Therefore, if citizens and the media are handcuffed by a fear of liability, that’s detrimental to political discourse, it is detrimental to society as a whole, and it is detrimental, really, to our fundamental freedom.”

He also says:

“If I’ve gotten this wrong, and the Fourth Circuit says that this is not what the law is, I hesitate to think where the First Amendment is going in this country.”

This court case sends a very clear message to our political foes: frivolous lawsuits will not stop us.  When you stand on your principles, never give up, and never settle – you will win.

Friend, there are many more pending lawsuits and still more of Veritas’ political foes who are out for blood.  They want to bankrupt us and they want to stop us from exposing the truth.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. I will never settle, and we will continue to win these legal battles. With each win, you and I are paving the way for the fearless and courageous journalists of the future.

By James O’Keefe

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  1. Ett verkligt bevis för ”HUR” socialister försökte missbruka lagstiftnings makten misslyckats. Hoppas det kan avslöja mer av den socialistiska förtryckarmentaliteten.

  2. Är det någon som vet vad ”Project Veritas” utfört för stordåd?
    Det kanske är tabu belagt?

  3. Det går att läsa på deras webbsida.
    När förtrycket startar är det alltid bara en liten grupp som kämpar för friheten för alla andra.
    De kartlade hur korrupt administrationen i Washington var genom att de fick insider att skryta framför kameran hur de hindrade President Trump i utförandet av sitt ämbetet. De Wallraffade liksom.

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