China Fights the Coronavirus with Determination – while others smear

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publicerad 3 februari 2020
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Mobilization against the coronavirus in Bangkok. Photo: Andre Vltcheck

CORONAVIRUS. China has been hit by coronavirus as if by a brick over the head; heavily and mercilessly. Instead of help, Beijing has received criticism, even verbal attacks. In spite of doing tremendous job fighting the epidemy, China is getting almost no tributes for its performance.

Text and photo by Andre Vltchek | First published by New Eastern Outlook

Now Bangkok, Jakarta and other regional capital are in panic. After trying to sweep the crises under the carpet in order not to rock their tourist industries which are heavily dependent on annual arrival of the millions of Chinese package tourists, they are trying to introduce coherent health measures. A bit too late, complain their own citizens.  However, the West has no appetite to criticize them. All criticism is reserved, as always, for China.

No one knows precisely where the present disease really comes from. Chinese doctors (as well as the Russian ones) are working days and nights, trying to find the answers, as well as the cure. But until now, people are still dying.  The mortality rate of the infected patients is very high; some sources say at about 50%. As this article is being written, around 210 have already lost their lives, mainly in China.

In 2013, The Guardian wrote that there were similar cases in Saudi Arabia, where the research was brutally swept under the carpet:

“A doctor in a Saudi hospital was fired for reporting a new, deadly strain of the coronavirus. Now, with half of all confirmed cases ending in death, the World Health Organization has issued a global alert and scientists are preparing for the worst…”

This example exposes an approach so commonly adopted by different nations. In many countries, similar emergencies are not confronted directly. The governments hope that they will, quietly, go away, until it is often too late to prevent disaster.

My doctor friends in Hong Kong commented on the above-mentioned case:

“That was MERS, and MERS is a corona virus, and so is a common cold. The present virus has not got a name yet, but belongs to the corona virus family, too.”

China has risen, with zeal and determination. It is confronting deadly disease frontally, as if it would be confronting enemy military battalions. It has been clearly a Communist approach, similar to that which already saved millions of lives in Cuba.

From Szechuan and elsewhere, I began receiving brief but powerful messages, penned by my friends and colleagues; messages reflecting heroic struggle of Chinese nation against the disease:

“China is now introducing the highest level of emergency. Treatment and prevention are the most important political missions.”

“Nobody can now neglect his or her duties… In my city’s education department, they issued an order to postpone school opening day.”

“A factory in Zhejiang province was told to produce 80 million masks in just a few days. In the same time, the government ordered factories and shops not to raise the price of the masks. It also allocated billions of RMBs for preventive measures and products, including paying for trucks and trains distributing the equipment.” 

“Patients infected with this virus get free medical care.”

A young Chinese diplomat, a friend of mine whom I will only identify by her first name – Langqi – here, reported to me from her hometown in Northern China, near Beijing:

“Despite the ineffective response of the Wuhan government at the initial stage, all governments, from central to local, have been doing everything they can to contain the spread of the virus. It is not an easy task, considering the “biggest human migration” happening during the Chinese New Year. It is with immense commitment and voluntary contributions, from doctors, nurses, people working in service and delivery industry, as well as from Wuhan people themselves, that China is able to manage the spread of the virus to its current situation. 

The responsive measures are also largely backed up by experts, including those who contributed during the SARS epidemic. It can be said that the whole country now is working as a whole to face our common challenge: the coronavirus. The solidarity comes not only from the trust in the government, but also from the identity as part of the community.”

A doctor with whom I work in Hong Kong, re-confirmed, in summary:

“In Wuhan, some officials tried to hide the information at the beginning. But the higher authorities made everything clear and the world appreciates government’s work, afterwards.”

Not all do, of course; unfortunately, not all.

Attacking China (as well as Russia, Iran and other independent nations) is now a sport, or a well-paid profession, or both, for many individuals, particularly those living in the West.

But many people, particularly those with the first-hand experience, decided to line-up in their support for China:

An Indonesian student Yessy Liana, based in Wuhan, recently sent passionate plea to her native country, which has an on-going tendency to smear everything Chinese, on behalf of its Western masters.

“Today I am in Wuhan City and I want to share the situation where I am now. We all heard about the coronavirus and for those of you who are worried or curious, hopefully this video can give light on the situation.

This is my school canteen, usually closed during winter holidays. But because of the coronavirus, the school reopened the canteen although only on the 1st floor… Because the school wants students to stay in the school and reduce the interaction with the outside

This is the street in front of the campus. Now in Wuhan, public transportation is not in operation for a while. But private vehicles can go around without a problem. You can see for yourself that… it quieter than usual.

Now we are at one of the Chaoshi (market) that is still open. You can see the stock of food and drinks in this chaoshi are plentiful, and usually those of us who stay in dormitory in Wuhan buy food and drinks here.

Now we are in campus area and in front of us is a campus hospital and it is still open.

The building in front of us is a dormitory for international students. There are basketball courts and also place to play table tennis…

Now we are at my dormitory. Next to the entrance, there is a security guard who is on duty, and he will check the temperature of all people entering and leaving the dormitory.

For parents and friends who are worried about friends or family in China, please don’t worry because the government here and the school are taking care of us…”

Similar stories are circulating all over social media, uploaded by foreign students and workers who are based in China. They speak about the determination and strength of the state, the Communist Party and the citizens.

Entire factories are ordered to produce protective gear, laboratories are working on developing vaccines and medicine, to fight this latest type of coronavirus. Hospitals are constructed literally overnight.

My friend, a doctor from Hong Kong, has no doubts why the West ignores this dedicated fight of China, against the deadly disease:

“People are accusing China, from everywhere. This means that China is really strong!”

He shared with me an image, with a comment:

“Look at this. A Danish newspaper insults China by using the coronavirus as the stars of the national flag. This has lots of feedback from the citizens of China. The Prime Minister refused to apologize because ‘there is freedom of expression in Denmark’.”

Things are getting wilder and wilder – Attacks are intensifying

In Hong Kong, rioters are burning shelters intended to host future victims of coronavirus. They are also forcing local government to close all border posts with Mainland China: ferry terminals, bridges. Rail links have already been suspended.

Some in Hong Kong are lamenting, that the rioters have already lost their humanity and compassion. It is Chinese Lunar New Year, after all; beginning of the auspicious Year of Rat. Time when solidarity and kindness should be shown. But that is not what the rioters are paid for to do, by their Western masters.

China is now fighting successfully, but alone. Chinese people are clearly aware of the fact that their entire nation is ‘quarantined’ politically, by the West. Even during such hard times of medical emergencies, there is malicious sarcasm coming from Washington, London and Paris, never an extended hand.

Some publications, including Global Research in Canada, are not excluding a possibility that what we are witnessing could be a Western biological warfare against China.

If they are correct, chances that China will be defeated are truly slim. On 31 January, 2020, RT reported that Chinese scientists made first giant step in their epic battle:

“Scientists in China have reportedly developed an express test which can detect the 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus in under fifteen minutes, in a major breakthrough which will hopefully help stem the tide of infection.

Experts from a tech company based in Wuxi in eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, working with the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, developed the rapid nucleic test kit in just ten days, according to the Xinhua news agency.”

China will win the battle against this malicious virus, soon, but the situation will be remembered for many years to come. It has already broken trust, and soon it will negatively influence the way this world is functioning. For years and decades, China have stood alone, smiling and with the extended hand, offering peace and friendship. Many are now wondering whether such unilateral kindness is capable of improving the world.

Text and photo by Andre Vltchek

André Vltchek. Foto: Paul S. Graham
André Vltchek. Foto: Paul S. Graham

Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. View his books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and on Twitter. His Patreon.

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  • Denna person är nära vän med kinesiska diplomater och allt för nära Kinas regim för ge en bra och sanningsriktig analys, speciellt när han via en doktor han inte vill namnge skriver att myndigheterna tagit ansvar i Wuhan och skyller på tjänstemän: “In Wuhan, some officials tried to hide the information at the beginning. But the higher authorities made everything clear and the world appreciates government’s work, afterwards.”
    Detta är en ren lögn, regimens mål har redan från början varit att dölja fakta och behålla “stabiliteten”, för det övergripande målet av total makt gör de vad som helst. Vill man veta vad doktorer anser och vad som verkligen sker ska man läsa rapporter från doktorer och andra som trots risk för sina liv avslöjar vad som verkligen sker i Kina städer just nu.
    Antar att NW vill visa båda sidor, hoppas bara läsare ser igenom lögnerna denna person sprider.
    Tjänstemän i Wuhan är bara dockor och skulle inte våga göra något utan kkps godkännande. Det dåliga gensvaret och nedtystandet av alla som vågar säga vad som verkligen sker och allvaret i det är såklart kkps eget ansvar, Denna person går tyvärr bara kkps vägar,
    Kkp döljer tyvärr alla siffror om det verkliga antalet dödsfall och hur sjukhus tvingas rapportera felaktiga uppgifter och inte heller får tillräckligt med utrustning och hjälpmedel för att testa patienter mm.
    Faktum är att de som rapporterar sanningen fängslas eller tystas man i Kina nu, de har t o m själva gått ut med att de som skriver något om smittan som inte kommer regimen erkänner på sociala medier får man 7 års fängelse…
    Vill man ha en bra insyn i vad som sker så se läs vad doktor som avslöjade smittan själv säger och vad som sen skedde med honom.
    Sanningen är att det dött många fler än vad WHO och mainstreammedia rapporterar och regimen gör allt för att tysta och undvika sitt ansvar. Läs bara här vad de som jobbar på krematorirer i Kina säger själva:

  • För några dagar sedan gjorde jag denna tankeövning för mig själv efter att bla ha lyssnat på Sverige Granskas där Ulf Bittner och Mikael Zazzio resonerar om detta Coronavirus.

    Mina slutsatser är väl fortsatt att betrakta som en aning spekulativa men de ter sig alltmer relevanta ju längre tiden går, och som sign Hasse är inne på härovan så kan det mycket väl vara en helt igenom “regisserad” föreställning vi nu ser utspela sig.

    @ Jan Norberg 28 januari, 2020 at 23:57
    Savalle, jag har nu lyssnat igenom Bittners intervju med MZ och det finns ett avsnitt ganska långt in i intervjun som stämmer rätt väl med en tanke som börjat gnaga i mitt huvud, dvs mitt huvud är som vanligt fyllt med politik.

    Globalisterna börjar nu få ganska bråttom i sin strävan att få bort Donald Trump inför valet i November.

    När inte Impeachment leken fungerar så måste dessa globalister öka insatserna ordentligt och det är bråttom.

    På sedvanligt sätt använder de då sitt yttersta vapen, dvs pengarnas makt.

    Om globalisterna snabbt lyckas sätta skräck i hela världen mha ett patenterat virus så går ju hela världsekonomin snabbt över i recession och det drabbar då även USA, då kommer demokraterna att omedelbart kunna hävda att den börsuppgång som drivs av Trumps offensiva politik nu är bruten.

    Helt plötsligt kan Trump få svårigheter att vinna den jordskredsseger som han annars skulle ha vunnit i November.

    Dessa globalister (i detta fall Big Pharma) samarbetar ju mycket nära med Deep State och de korrupta Demokraterna, de skyr inga medel för att kunna fortsätta med sin korrupta verksamhet.

    Att man implementerar detta virus först i Kina är ingen tillfällighet, dvs man vill skrämma kineserna först och går deras ekonomi ned först så inser alla inkl Trump att kinesernas nedgång påverkar den globala ekonomin.

    Trumps handelsavtal del 2 med Kina går därmed i baklås och globalisterna fortsätter då att styra den ekonomiska utvecklingen på global nivå.

    Globalisterna riskerar inte sina investeringar i Kina om de via Bill Gates erbjuder ett vaccin som löser kinesernas och den övriga världens problem, att globalisernas tjänar grova pengar på ett vaccin försvinner ur rampluset och ordningen är återställd.

    Jag är medveten om att detta ligger nära en konspirationsteoretisk nivå, men nog är det konstigt att det alltid är olika virus etc som numera utlöser global panik.

  • Sanningen brukar generellt sägas vara att man kan multiplicera alla officiella KKP-siffror med 100 så kommer man nära sanningen. Alltså blir det isåfall över en miljon insjuknade just nu. Jag har hört allt mellan 2% till 23% dödlighet men siffran verkar hög om man tror på kineser som rapporterar under cover från sjukhusen.

    En märklig insider rapport på NTD TV idag hävdade att KKP nu är så desperata att de planerar att skjuta(avrätta) alla patienter som är allvarligt sjuka per den 10 mars. Ett annat inslag jag såg visade hur kinesiska folkmassor nu går runt i bostadsområden och låser in sjuka familjer i deras lägenheter med järnrörsbeslag runt dörrarna och de sätter upp varningstexter vid dörren etc. Jag funderade på hur dessa sjuklingar skall överleva utan mat när de är inburade och sjuka. Sjukdomen kan stjälpa den kinesiska ekonomin snabbt om folk inte vågar gå till jobbet nästa vecka och det skapar väl panikstämning i ledningen. Risken för uppror ökar i ett land som redan bär på enormt missnöje i de breda folklagren.

  • Uppgifterna i ovanstående artikel skiljer sig rejält från det som SR och SVT har meddelat. En dödlighet på ca 50 % låter väldigt allvarligt. Helt annat än vad vi hört i svenska media, där dödligheten tycks ligga på några få procent och tydligen mest drabbar äldre och redan sjuka personer.
    Jag läste igår att coronaviruset patenterades redan för 5 år sedan i en mycket lång och detaljerad rapport. Så ett slags motgift skulle redan finnas tillgängligt (men naturligtvis inte för vanligt folk?).

    Via Peter Krabbe:; “Har vi åska i luften?” har jag hämtat länken nedan, som beskriver patentet gällande Corona viruset.;

    • Jag tror att det är så här….
      Eftersom vaccinkritiken med all rätt har ökat världen runt har de nu lanserat sitt virus i syfte att sprida skräck och död. När tillräckligt stor skada har skett kommer de att presentera ett vaccin som fungerar på sjukdomen. Detta i syfte att förlöjliga vaccinmotståndare via fake news och försvara lögnen att vacciner är “säkra och effektiva”.
      Men detta är naturligtvis bara en gissning.

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