Martin Armstrong: The French Revolution – A Script for the Corona Coup

publicerad 17 maj 2020
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The French Revolution. Painting by Jacques Louis-David (1748–1825)

In an interesting mail conversation between a person named MS and the economist Martin Armstrong, MS is trying to explain the ongoing “corona coup” is laid out as food for thought. Armstrong believes the corona coup is “an attempt to actually restructure the entire economy into a Socialist-Climate Change agenda.”


Like you, I’m also a student of history. One clear parallel I’m now beginning to see if the close link between the Democratic Party (Jacobins) and the CDC-WHO-Medical Science community looking to target the center-right (Gironde-royalist bloc) repeating the escalating battle that consumer France starting in 1789. You know the story well. Foreign threats of invasion to reinstate the King after he tried to flee, then put him on trial, subsequently executed him, then turned against his defenders who vainly tried to position themselves as moderates, defenders of free property, and free assembly.

The Jacobins as a party became weaponized, using foreign threats, internal threats, real or imagined, to justify witch hunts, looking for saboteurs, looking for enemies within…a so-called 5th column (which came into currency during the Spanish Civil war 1936-39)…we saw then the Jacobins take over what was then known as The Committee for Public Safety…

I believe this originated in Paris, which was the center of radicalism then. This became a political body, later got radicalized, and became the focus of the Jacobins to be used against the Gironde and other moderate parties in the Convention. Each of their leaders eventually either was guillotined, committed suicide, or manage to flee the country.

Eventually, the Committee decided who would be tried for treason, would be hanged, etc. Robespierre became its leader and ultimate hangman. Later, after the committee turned against him, he tried to kill himself, then was subsequently guillotined.

I see the CDC-WHO bloc as the modern version of the Committee, with people like Anthony Fauci, the media and Bill Gates now leading the charge to take over society and impose their views on everyone, claiming, like the Committee back in 1790-93, there were existential threats, also internal ones, that required extreme and emergency uses of power, to ensure the safety of the public.

Today, there is no equal of Robespierre who was a commanding figure back then, but one can look to the ranks of many demanding justice against their opponents…if they manage to get into power, it’s very easy to see how they will use the Federal Govt, form committees like the Committee of Public safety to impose their will and form of justice on their opponents – you mentioned the violence ahead – I think this is very probable, and like in the period 1789-1793, violence will reach a fever pitch, turning quite bloody, quite violent, with half the population being targeted, with police, with the national guard with the media all being weaponized against those who opposed them.

I think it’s coming. The analog is the French Revolution. Ironistic, isn’t it that terms like left, center and right all came from where people sat in the Convention in 1789? Isn’t it also ironic they used a crisis (the coronavirus) to justify extreme measures? Isn’t it also ironic they looked at foreign threats to the country (Russia) to nationalize the economy…their ultimate goal, to print money, to create inflation which will destroy the middle class and wealthy. This is the Democratic party playbook. It is no accident.



Martin Armstrong, own work
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Martin Armstrong Reply

This is how history repeats. It is like a Shakespeare plot that remains the same for centuries, only the actors change. This is not simply a grudge match against Trump. This is an attempt to actually restructure the entire economy into a Socialist-Climate Change agenda. They are deliberately trying to destroy the world economy to rebuild it in a Zero CO2 environment.

This is a nothing-virus. I have stated that a pandemic is defined only by the widespread geographic impact the same a the flu. It is NOT serious unless it is an EPIDEMIC which is defined as infecting 7.7% of the population. They do not want to admit that 25% of the population is immune. That would simply defeat their entire agenda.

If we take the CDC numbers for the flu last season which was very mild and use the same scare tactics that the death rate is 4% with coronavirus, they arrive at that by only counting the hospitalizations.

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza. Just taking the hospitalization to calculate the death rate that is 6.9%. LA County in California is taking 915 deaths of 19,538 cases to justify the lockdown claiming that the death rate is 4% much high than the flu. But the flu calculation using the total infected is 0.0009%. Taking those who saw a doctor it rises to 0.002%.

This is a deliberate FRAUD to keep people imprisoned when the death rate using the same set of numbers is 4% v 6.9%. That is 42% less than the flu! This is an organized plot to overthrow not just Trump – but Capitalism. Welcome to the new Marxist Revolution. The Democrats are leading the charge and the hatred they have fanned the flames of class warfare.

“The uprising has begun. Force against Force. Street fighting is raging, barricades are being thrown up, rifles are cracking, guns are booming. Rivers of blood are flowing, the civil war for freedom is blazing up. Moscow and the South, the Caucasus, and Poland are ready to join the proletariat of St. Petersburg. The slogan of the workers has become: Death or Freedom!”Lenin on the Revolution of 1905

Neil Ferguson which started all of this had a lover who was an activist working in Climate Change. That was his agenda as is Bill Gates. Gates’s friend is off building bunkers in New Zealand. I am aware that we had suggested that the South Island in New Zealand appeared to be a place to go. While they think this is for the Coronavirus, there are other issues in the background not being reported – they know the rise of socialists is coming.

By Martin Armstrong

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