Mike Adams: “we are protecting the voices of dissent in a society gone mad”

Mike Adams lanserar Brighteon.com - Foto: Mike Adams
Mike Adams lanserar Brighteon.com – Foto: Mike Adams

FREE SPEECH & DEBATE. America and the Big Tech gatekeepers are devolving into an “obedience cult” of authoritarian thought police, and they are scrubbing an ever-increasing number of channels and voices from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

That’s probably why new users are joining Brighteon in record numbers, and Brighteon is becoming known as the hub for raw truth about vaccines, the “plandemic,” remedies against cancer, the truth about the Federal Reserve and many other topics.

I want to let you know that despite the immense pressure from the tech giants who are demanding that we censor videos and channels on certain subjects, we are telling them to go to hell.

We will not censor our users to appease Big Pharma and Big Tech, both of which are demonic, anti-human evil empires that stand against fundamental human rights and even human existence. They all promote depopulation agendas…

We are here to support your right to speak, and we are making new investments in the platform, bringing in more programmers to help make our platform more robust while rolling out more features.

We are currently subsidizing the platform, which is burning through a lot of cash due to bandwidth costs related to the popularity of the platform. You may have noticed we’re placing “donation” banners beneath the video play window in an effort to raise some donations to cover the costs.

Please consider making a donation if you can. But most importantly, keep posting your truth.

As the deranged lunatics of anarchy are burning down America’s cities, destroying statues and assaulting your right to speak, we are protecting the voices of dissent in a society gone mad, where reason is now treason and logic is considered an enemy of the establishment.

Keep filming, posting and sharing. We are working on new features to help bypass censorship and allow you more freedom to speak.

By Mike Adams, founder, Brighteon.com

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Ann-Kristin Barnes
Ann-Kristin Barnes
16 juni 2020 kl 13:34

Bra att ni är alerta med att introducera allmänheten till internationella projekt som värnar fri åsiktsbildning. Hoppas att majoriteten här redan tagit del av de många eminenta forskares och praktikers pandemirelaterade erfarenheter på LondonReal/Digital Freedom Platform!