Swedish Police Assault Reporter – May 1 manifestation in Stockholm

publicerad 4 maj 2021
- av NewsVoice
Jesper Johansson grips 1:a maj 2021. Foto: Jesper Johansson


On Saturday, May 1, a covid restriction-critical demonstration was held in the central parts of Stockholm, Sweden. Journalist Jesper Johansson documented the event on behalf of the newspaper Nya Tider, but was wrestled down by the police.

He ended up being wrestled down by four policemen and handcuffed. Jesper Johansson suffered minor injuries and was beaten with batons. He had difficulty breathing when one of the policemen pressed a knee into his back and another policeman pressed his thumb against his neck as he lay on the ground. Jesper Johansson is now suspected of violent resistance, and the trial will be held in June.

By NewsVoice | Interview: Nya Tider