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Dr. Lawrence Palevsky: Do not let your children be injected with “covid vaccines” – If you want to get pregnant avoid injection

publicerad 29 juni 2021
- Aga Wilson
Dr Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD

Aga Wilson interviewed Dr. Lawrence Palevsky for her show Free Voice. Palevsky is a school physician and pediatrician with his own clinic in New York. He strongly urges parents not to have their children injected with “covid vaccine” and also women who want to get pregnant should avoid injection at all costs.

Text by Torbjörn Sassersson | Interview by Aga Wilson for NewsVoice – Free Voice | Feel free to donate to NewsVoice or directly to Aga Wilson via Paypal (below) so that we can continue to publish content of this type | This video was also uploaded to Odysee

The conventional medical system needs more tools

Palevsky says that the medical school system could not explain the real causes of the diseases and in addition, the care system lacks good tools. During his practice, he began to ask questions that the medical system did not call for. He, therefore, discussed the causes of illness with experts in all possible medical fields and this led to new opportunities to treat patients better.

Palevsky’s driving force is curiosity and by combining school medicine with other specializations, his work became much more successful.

The Covid crisis, censorship, and the “vaccines”

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky says he has never before seen similar oppression and censorship of dissenting views more than now, in the midst of the ongoing covid crisis. When he was trained and previously worked as a doctor, critical thinking and medical debate were a matter of course, but when the covid crisis took off, these two pillars were dissolved.

Palevsky and his colleagues understood that the new state of the world has nothing to do with science and medicine but rather a tyranny. Doctors discovered that Covid-19, which is caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus, was not about “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”, that is, SARS, but instead about the blood’s ability to bind oxygen. No researcher could explain how a virus caused blood changes and all the subsequent symptoms that result from poor oxygenation of the body. No one was even interested in finding out the facts. Those who tried to investigate the circumstances seriously were attacked, censored, or fired, Palevsky said.

Doctors who discovered that patients diagnosed with Covid-19 worsened if they were treated with a respirator also fell silent. Palevsky says the medical community was passive and played “dead.” At the same time, some doctors began to successfully treat Covid-19 with drugs such as Hydrochloroquine, Ivermectin, zinc, tonic water (containing quinine), ozone, vitamin C and D3, etc.

These doctors were also systematically attacked, despite the fact that Anthony Fauci, the US equivalent of Anders Tegnell, had already said publicly in 2005 that SARS CoV-1 could be treated with Hydrochloroquine with good results. Doctors who then quoted Fauci were also censored.

“Gene therapy vaccines”

The answer to the covid crisis is spelled vaccines, but when the covid vaccines came on the market as pure experimental injections, because they were only accepted through emergency use authorization, it became clear why no working drugs could be used. Palevsky explains that an emergency authorization can only be applied if there is no cure already. Palevsky and his colleagues then understood why it was forbidden to use and even talk about effective drugs against Covid-19. He believes that the only way to get the experimental covid vaccines urgently approved was and is to claim that Covid-19 lacks cures and preventive measures.

When the “vaccines” came out, it turned out that according to the documentation, they are de facto gene therapy. The literature and data show that it is not possible to determine whether the covid vaccines prevent the spread of infection, whether a recipient develops immunity to SARS CoV-2 or whether the injections reduce mortality or alleviate disease. These facts show that these are not real vaccines.

Although the literature on these covid injections states that these are not vaccines but gene therapies, the politically correct narrative claims that they are alleged “vaccines” that everyone must take in loyalty to the collective to prevent the spread of infection, even though the researchers do not even know if this is true.

“The narrative that the population of the world is sticking to is: we need to do this for the benefit of everyone, but they told you that it doesn’t stop transmission. Oh, it doesn’t matter, it stops transmission. They told you that it’s not necessarily going to give you protection against the SARS covid 2 viral infection. Oh, but we have to take it to stop the virus from infecting people. So you see another level of inconsistency”.

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky discusses the PCR tests that he says are held up as the singular way to diagnose an ongoing coronavirus infection, even though it is known that the PCR tests are not intended to detect an ongoing infection with SARS CoV-2. Nevertheless, the public has been misled into believing that PCR tests are the only way to work. There is not even science that backs it up, says Palevsky, who adds that it is even worse than that. It has been shown that the PCR tests are manipulated to either point to positive answers or alternatively negative answers depending on the narrative for the day.

Palevsky says that the records after deaths in hospitals claim that patients died of Coivd-19, but that there is a reluctance on the part of staff to document that these people often also received covid injections.

A relevant comparison is with 1976 when the first vaccines against SARS were tested. The 53 people who received the injections died and the vaccination project was stopped immediately by the US government. It can be compared to today’s USA where thousands of people have died from covid injections and in Europe, the figure is at a similar level. Despite all the warning signs, governments, politicians, and the media continue to press for everyone to take the covid injections.

Palevksy mentions all the obvious associations with covid injections such as teens who have strokes and heart inflammation, women who have miscarriages, blood clots, facial paralysis, brain fog, neurological damage, seizures, menstrual disorders, bleeding, and men suffering from testicular pain, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis.

Cognitive dissonance

The public believes that if these diseases and conditions are really related to the “vaccines”, the authorities would inform about it. Superstitions about authorities and authorities are blind, says Palevsky.

Then we have the effects that come several years after the injections and then no one will acknowledge the connections due to a long past time, says Palevsky.

See how the mass media follow the same script when they deal with the covid narration, Palevsky warns. They all say the same thing. Investigative journalism no longer exists in the mass media sphere, says Palevsky. It’s scary to see how people, in general, refuse to use their critical thinking, he says. If people realize that they have been misled, they face a series of very difficult self-insights:

  • I had no power
  • I gave up my power
  • I did not think for myself
  • I allowed myself to be deceived
  • I took no responsibility
  • I was irresponsible
  • I allowed myself to be exploited
  • I may have hurt myself
  • I may have hurt my family

It is extremely difficult for most people to admit all these mistakes. Palevsky says that he usually responds to people who question his message with a simple counter-question, for example: how do you know that covid injections are safe? It leads the opponent into a thought process that can lead to healthy critical thinking which in turn leads to a healthy questioning of authorities, politicians, doctors, and the mass media.

Palevsky: do not allow your children to receive covid injections

Dr. Lawrence Palevsky warns all parents who want their children vaccinated. Be prepared that you can never have grandchildren. He says that the covid injections’ content of lipid nanoparticles, spike proteins, mRNA, and other materials in the injections leads to infertility and that previous and new studies support that claim. He says that women are also warned not to take the injections if they want to get pregnant, which proves that there is already background information about the risks of these injections.

He believes that there is reason to suspect that the covid injections are an attempt to control population growth. It is also not inconceivable that the covid injections lead to self-spreading effects and that observations where “vaccinated” people have become magnetic or that only Bluetooth devices have activated Bluetooth presence are correct, Palevsky explains.

Many questions remain unanswered and Palevsky urges everyone to act in a way that works for everyone. Lockdowns are very difficult in some countries and new lockdowns can be devastating.

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Text by Torbjörn Sassersson | Interview by Aga Wilson for NewsVoice – Free Voice

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