Vaccine researcher Dr Byram Bridle silenced according to Dr Peter McCullough

publicerad 13 juni 2021
- av NewsVoice
Dr Peter McCullough. Foto: Texas Senate hearing,11 mars 2020

THE COVID AGENDA. Someone is threatening the whistleblower and vaccine researcher Dr. Byram Bridle, according to Dr. Peter McCullough who says: "People go into fear and hiding. We have to be very very strong". Both men are extremely critical of the current global covid vaccine agenda.

Dr Byram Bridle silenced

NewsVoice has published two articles based on information provided by Dr. Byram Bridle (in Swedish). Now another whistleblower claims Bridle has gone into hiding, possibly threatened.

Peter McCullough says he was attacked by a French reporter after he had testified about unused working treatments for Covid-19, in the Texas Senate. He was also attacked by a reporter from Singapore that was traced to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an organization that is heavily pushing for global vaccinations.

By: NewsVoice | Interview source: Justice League | Video source: Peter McCullough

Dr Byram Bridle silenced.
Byram Bridle. Photo: Karen Mantel, Ontario