More than 500 motorcyclists paid tribute to murdered police in Sweden

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publicerad 5 juli 2021
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SWEDEN. Hundreds of motorcyclists gathered at Gotaplatsen in the Swedish city of Gothenburg to form a procession through the town. The MC-riders paid tribute to a murdered policeman named Andreas Danman.

The policeman that talked to a couple of people in the ”no-go zone” Biskopsgarden on Hisingen was unprovokedly shot. Witnesses say three shots were fired.

Polismord i Biskopsgården, Hisingen, Göteborg. Foton: läsarbilder
Image: ANDREAS DANMAN, a policeman was murdered. Foton: läsarbilder

Per Danman father of the killed policeman says to the news channel Nya Riks (New State):

”The whole of Swedish society is in chaos and now it was my boy who happened to end up in the chaos. The kindest nicest man. He was going to be a father. They would build houses”.

”I received a text message from the Prime Minister and some party leaders who apologize for the grief, but they are sitting on Lidingo [island] in their palaces. We have a boy who has passed away. That is the difference.”

Text: NewsVoice

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