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Dr. Andrew Kaufman shares his latest thoughts about the covid crisis

publicerad 8 juli 2021
- Aga Wilson
Dr Andrew Kaufman (selfie) and Aga Wilson (NewsVoice)

THE COVID CRISIS. Dr. Andrew Kaufman has previously worked as a psychiatrist and with cancer research. He is one of many academics who in the past year have warned that the covid crisis is based on incorrect information. Aga Wilson interviews Kaufman and he shares his latest thought about the covid crisis, the driving forces, viruses, and much more.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice @ NewsVoice | Text by Torbjorn Sasserson, editor

Dr. Andrew Kaufman began to note early in his medical career that the conventional cancer methods did not work particularly well. In the same way, he saw that in psychiatry very few patients got better or cured by the conventional methods of psychiatric care. Many patients who were medicated had serious side effects or even suicidal thoughts.

Instead, Kaufman began to look for methods that really work. His new discoveries led to a new path as a physician. Among other things, he gained insights into the biome of the intestinal tract and found answers in “terrain medicine”.

Kaufman calls the entire corona pandemic a psychological operation (psyop) that seems to aim to restart the entire world community economically, technocratically, and socially where the creation of fear is a central factor to drive things ahead. There is a lot written about this type of modus operandi. Kaufman points to the same tendencies and governing documents that many others have also discovered. He refers to The World Economic Forum, UN, WHO etcetera.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice @ NewsVoice | Text by Torbjorn Sasserson, editor

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