Biochemist Dr David Rasnick on the Covid Crisis – Don’t let your kids be vaccinated

publicerad 14 juli 2021
- Aga Wilson
Dr David Rasnick. Photo: Vincent Verschoore

In this interview with Dr. David W. Rasnick, we focus on the current covid crisis that has some similarities with the AIDS crisis. Rasnick points out that the PCR testing protocols are used to drive the covid project forward.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice | Text by Torbjorn Sasserson, editor

Dr. David W. Rasnick is an American biochemist known for his association with the AIDS movement, which questions that HIV is the cause of AIDS, and for his involvement with clinical trials in South Africa promoting vitamins for the treatment of AIDS.

When it comes to the isolation of the virus David Rasnick says it doesn’t really matter if the coronavirus is isolated or not since the whole covid project seems to be about injecting as many people as possible. Rasnic also states, like many before him, that the covid vaccines are no real vaccines.

Rasnick talks about and explains the significance of foreign spike proteins produced by our cells, jumping genes, natural viruses in our bodies, the so-called corona delta variant, Anthony Fauci’s gain of function studies, and much more.

Dr David Rasnick. Photo: Vincent Verschoore
Dr David Rasnick. Photo: Vincent Verschoore

He is especially worried about how foreign and poisonous spike proteins are creating havoc in the human body. We have just begun to understand the mess that the spike proteins cause in our organs due to the mRNA ”vaccines”. Unfortunately, the victims are the best influencers to stop the madness.

David Rasnick mentions a researcher that found the spike proteins inside the sweat glands, which hypothetically could make the spike proteins spread to others. But he does remain skeptical about drawing any conclusions too fast about the shedding of spike proteins from one person to another person.

Another problem of great concern is the inoculation of kids. This part of the covid project is making Rasnick furious that kids and youngsters are used as guinea pigs. The kids are not even in the Covid-19 risk zone.

Not even the WHO recommends kids to be ”vaccinated”, says Aga Wilson.

Rasnick explains as a side note that all childhood diseases had almost disappeared in the world in the 1950:th before the great vaccinations program started. The vaccines did no good, he states.

Now we have the experimental mRNA injections. What could possibly go wrong? (editor)

David Rasnick says the illogical tactics used by the institutions to have everybody inoculated have been successful so far, but it may not work forever since the facts are emerging every day.

One huge problem is that all debates (including public debates) and scientific discussions more or less ended in the mid 1980:th. Generations of researchers have since then been conditioned to avoid an open debate about anything, explains Rasnick. He also gives examples of intimidation actions taken by the Clinton administration in order to control the narratives and debate during the AIDS crisis in South Africa.

Interview by Aga Wilson for Free Voice | Text by Torbjorn Sasserson, editor


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