Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde happy to oust Putin – Fooled by Russian pranksters

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publicerad 2 augusti 2021
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Utrikesminister Ann Linde, maj 2020 (foto: Regeringen via DW.com)


SWEDEN. Two Russian comedians who prank international leaders by phone managed to reach Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde. Linde suggests that Sweden can participate in the work to oust Putin.

The callers pretended to represent the Russian opposition managed to get Ann Linde to speak out in support of secret sanctions against Russia during the conversation. Linde is also chair of the OSCE, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

“The Foreign Minister also reveals that she is open to transferring Swedish taxpayers’ money in the shadows to the Russian opposition, via another country – but that she can not discuss the matter over the phone because what she is proposing is illegal.”Samhällsnytt

The comedians mention Swedish funding from the Russian opposition and then Linde says that there are 38 million euros set aside for the development of civil society and human rights until 2026. Linde suggests that funding can be arranged.

“The payment can not be made openly, as it would be contrary to Russian laws regarding foreign financing,” the caller explains.

“I do not think we should discuss this on the phone, someone else can talk to you after our conversation” and repeats later in the conversation “some of mine will talk to you”, Ann Linde answers.

Utrikesminister Ann Linde, maj 2020 (foto: Regeringen via DW.com)
Utrikesminister Ann Linde, maj 2020 (foto: Regeringen via DW.com)

The Swedish evening paper Expressen was in contact with the Foreign Ministry’s press service.

“For the Minister for Foreign Affairs, it is important to be open to contact and dialogue with civil society representatives from different countries. It is unfortunate that that openness is used in this way “, writes the Foreign Ministry’s press service and continues:

“The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has routines for preparing the Foreign Minister’s talks, these have been followed but were unfortunately not sufficient in this case.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “foreign policy relations have not been affected”, writes Expressen, about the conversation in which the Swedish Foreign Minister reveals that she intends to help the Russian opposition to oust President Putin with EU money.

Text: NewsVoice

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