Swedish independent journalist prosecuted instead of brutal policemen

publicerad 17 augusti 2021
- av Torbjörn Sassersson red.
Jesper Johansson, 2021. Foto: Nya Tider

SWEDEN. On Saturday, May 1, 2021, a demonstration against covid restrictions was held in Stockholm. Journalist Jesper Johansson filmed on-site for the magazine Nya Tider (New Times). When Johansson was filming, a policeman grabbed his camera. Johansson was then wrestled down by 4-5 policemen and put in handcuffs. Despite the abuse, Johansson is the one brought to justice.

By Torbjorn Sassersson | Video and photo: Nya Tider (New Times)

New Times writes:

“Jesper Johansson suffered injuries to his foot, was hit with a baton, and received bruises and tears when he was handcuffed. He also found it difficult to breathe when one of the policemen pressed a knee into his back and another policeman pressed his thumb against his neck when he was lying on the ground.”

Jesper Johansson is suspected of violent resistance.

The Swedish police and the judiciary receive strong criticism from his colleagues and readers of independent media, while the establishment media choose not to report on the abuse of the journalist.

Ingemar Ljungqvist 1:a maj 2021. Foto: Torbjörn Sassersson, NewsVoice.se
Ingemar Ljungqvist May 1:th, 2021. Photo: Torbjörn Sassersson, NewsVoice.se

The journalist Ingemar Ljungqvist, who was also arrested by the police during the same demonstration, writes in a press release:

“Could it be because of Jesper Johansson in his straight reports, including on SwebbTV, is also a truth seeker of rank… ”

The trial in Stockholm should have a very large public interest for several reasons. Johansson says in defense that when the policeman grabbed the camera, Johansson tried to hang on in order to avoid damage to the camera that was stuck to his wrist. Johansson believes that it was perceived by other policemen as violent resistance.

Blue light sabotage

Jesper Johansson says that the police in connection with the arrest discussed whether they should report him for “blue light sabotage” and another police officer warned that his behavior could lead to a prison sentence.

“Sabotage against blue light activities is a new law that has been in force since the turn of the year 2020 and can result in life imprisonment.” – Nord.news

The trial will be held in Stockholm District Court at 10 a.m. on August 19 at Scheelegatan 7 in Stockholm.

By Torbjorn Sassersson